Sunday, November 30, 2014

Creekside Farm Wreaths and so much more!

I have always wanted a one of a kind wreath for my home, I wanted something that was nice but not too flashy and I finally found a place which makes custom wreaths, Creekside Farms. 

Creekside Farms has a huge collection of wreaths to choose from like this one which I picked out for a festive  Fall setting 

Creekside Farms offers many beautiful options of wreaths for all occasions, and just in time for Christmas you can purchase a beautiful one of a kind piece and save 15% off using code MAMA at checkout! 

What makes Creekside Farms so special and one of a kind is they grow everything which is placed in their pieces. So you're getting something which has been processed but you're getting something which was put together with, well love and thought. You can read about the family and the whole process of the wreaths and such by clicking here.

When your one of a kind wreath is shipped they make sure that it stays safe and secure placing it in an over-sized box tied down so no movement, even if something were to squish your wreath it would still stay intact because of how much thought they put into shipping. 

I was very pleased with my one of a kind wreath, I could smell it before even getting to the door and it just gave me a warm happy feeling inside, before entering into my hectic home : )  Creekside Farms also has some nice yard decor which would make a great gift for the outdoors person. Check out Creekside Farms for your Holiday decor this season by visiting  and don't forget to save 15% upon checkout with code MAMA. View all the new items from Creekside Farms on Facebook by clicking here and to follow on Twitter click here. Happy Holidays from Themeparkmama! 

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