Friday, November 21, 2014

Do you know when to get the best deals?

Check out Consumer Reports which breaks down month by month of when its the best time to buy and what to buy. November is a great time to purchase, items like strollers, grills, tvs and more! You can see the whole report here.

You can check out this article, which breaks out which days really are a steal here are some you can see the full article by clicking here.

Best days to shop
If Black Friday's not the best day to land bargains, when is? Business Insider took a look at the days where the real bargains can be found. Here's what it recommends:

The day after Christmas - Dec. 26 is about more than returning that sweater your aunt gave you. In addition to holiday-themed items, you'll find many household items on sale. The first two weeks of December are also considered a good time for frugal shoppers.
This one is VERY true, I am always asking family for gift cards because I can almost double what I was given with sales and deals!

Labor Day and Memorial Day - A study cited by Business Insider shows Labor Day sales may actually offer better deals than Black Friday. You can expect good sales on home-related products, mattresses, paint and power tools on these days.

July 4 - The holiday is a good time to buy patio furniture and video games. You can also expect children's clothing, travel and home repair discounts.

Another I found was Thanksgiving day is a great time to shop online, which think after you fill yourself, if your not into the game why not get online and score some "touch downs" of your own!

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