Saturday, November 1, 2014

Stocking Stuffers and Gifts for the Whole Family #Giveaway

Stocking Stuffers! 

Magic Bullet

The Magic Bullet replaces a food processor, blender, and coffee grinder, yet it occupies only the space of a coffee mug. It stays handy on your countertop for instant meals and snacks. There are no buttons to push. Just load the ingredients into the short cup, the tall cup or one of the four mugs. Twist on the cross or flat blade, place the bullet on the power base, and press down - in seconds, you'll have chopped onions, minced garlic, grated cheese, spaghetti sauce, salsa, soup, chicken salad, smoothies, shakes and more. To heat or chill, simply place the magic bullet cup or mug in the microwave, refrigerator or freezer. 

  • 17-piece high-speed mixing system chops, whips, blends, and more
  • Includes power base, 2 blades, 2 cups, 4 mugs, 4 colored comfort lip rings, 2 sealed lids, 2 vented lids, and recipe book
  • Durable see-through construction; press down for results in 10 seconds or less
  • Microwave- and freezer-safe cups and mugs; dishwasher-safe parts
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards
You can purchase the Magic Bullet at most major retail stores and also on Amazon.
Enter to #Win a Magic Bullet contest will run until January 31st, 2015. Open to U.S. residents only. 

Sud-Z Buddy

Introducing Sud-Z-Buddy, a soap that doubles as a toy designed to keep kids washing and help them learn good habits at a young age. The soap is molded around a toy, and it lights up with one touch and continues to glow while it is in water. As the soap is used, the toy is revealed leaving kids with endless entertainment. This is a unique way to inspire kids that washing hands is important. Sud-Z-Buddy will be available in five collectible characters including: octopus, blue fish, clown fish, frog, and duck.  They are 2 gifts in one, one for you to get your child clean and another once the soap goes away for the child to play with. Makes bath time fun. You can purchase by clicking here and on Amazon just search Sud-Z-Buddy. 


With the excitement of the holiday seasons comes, great food, memories & smiles! That’s why protecting your smile is more important than ever. When the surface of your enamel is smooth and strong, germs less likely to stick, meaning less bacteria and trapped germs! Colgate Enamel Health is the perfect tool to guarantee your holiday smile is in perfect condition. You can pick up the new line of products at most major retail stores. 

Violife Zapi Luxe

The Zapi Luxe UV Sanitizer Penguin has helped me with peace of mind, having 5 kids who knows what they put in their mouths. The Zapi Luxe Penguin (also available in other fun characters) is a great way to let me know that every time they use their tooth brush its like using a new one right out of the package. So no more wondering what is going back in their mouths when they brush.

Zapi Luxe adds a bit of motivation and fun to tooth brushing for both kids and adults. Zapi delivers a playful way to store and sanitize individual toothbrushes, rocks, bobs and wobbles when touched- and kills up to 99.9% of germs using safe UV light. Function and fun all in one! Zapi Luxe runs off of 3"AA" batteries and the VIOlife germicidal UV bulb is rated to last over 8000 hours. Using safe UV light, Zapi kills up to 99.9-percent of disease causing germs such as: Strep, E. Coli, Salmonella, Staph, and even H1N1. With a modern design that refuses to topple and an array of attractive colors, the Zapi is an adorable, practical addition to any bathroom counter. UV light sanitizes in just 6 minutes and auto shuts off when finished. Comes with free stylish manual toothbrush. Use with any manual toothbrush or small electric head . Powered by 3 AA batteries (not included). Has a removable drip tray and wipe clean interior for easy maintenance. Great style coupled with smart function is a key part of everything made at Violife. From the Original Countertop Sanitizer to UV sanitizing travel toothbrush holders, denture cleaners, mouth guard cleaners, cell phone sanitizers and portable electric toothbrushes, Violife continues to marry great style...even a hint of otherwise mundane items. People who buy Violife care about their health, their home, their family, and their personal sense of style. You can purchase the Penguin on Amazon and you can view and purchase the whole line of Zapi Luxe UV Sanitizers here

Fulcrum Gallery

This year why not give the gift of art, Fulcrum Gallery has many one of a kind pieces which you can customize however you would like by adding frames, color options and more. I went with this piece which has inspirational-loving words: Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; it's about learning to Dance in the rain. I loved this piece and figured it would be something I could look at whenever I was feeling down. Here is a little more info about the Word Art:

A motivational poster or a general word poster - is such a simple thing on first glance, but the use of these phrases and accompanying word art might be the right way to spruce up any room; from the wall of a bedroom to display the thoughtful nature of the inhabitant to a communal room so everyone can feel a little motivated, to an office for pupils or coworkers to see the writing on the wall, which is a great piece of canvas word art, to a class-room for a little comedy - and encouragement - when it is needed. 

The phrases used have dozens of authors and sayings; some are full inspirational phrases (quotes from Steve Jobs - 'To the Crazy Ones' - is one example) while others are motivational and inspiration words added together; Peace described in several languages for the viewer to see that peace is an international and completely human effort. 

Check out all Fulcrum Gallery by visiting

Buggy Brites

Buggy Brites are a great way to be seen, you can use them on bikes, strollers, backpacks and so much more. Simple to use and lightweight. 
  • Convenient and fun way to add safety to walks or bike rides at night
  • A caterpillar that helps teach colors, textures and keeps children entertained for hours
  • Can also be used as a night light
  • 3 settings: Scrolling, flashing and solid light
  • Cool to the touch and weatherproof
  • BPA-free, phthalate-free, formaldehyde-free and lead-free
You can purchase Buggy Brites on Amazon or by visiting their website  Enter to win one of your own! Contest is open to U.S. residents only and will run until 12/31/2014. 
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School Rite has a bunch of tools which help strengthen your child's learning skills, in a fun easy manor. Like this Transitional Cursive Handwriting Tool which teaches your child to:
  • Accurately form the contour of each letter.
  • Build fine motor skills.
  • Coordinate hand and eye movement.
  • Develop standard stroke patterns.
Leading educators recommend School-Rite. The guides fascinate children and make learning handwriting a fun and rewarding experience. The unique template design allows your child to work independently, using the heavy-duty plastic guides over and over again. These are great for kids who are wanting to get ahead of the game, better their skills and more. You can purchase this here for $20 or on Amazon

Kringle Express 

The Kringle Express is a 72-Piece E-Z Drawstring Holiday Gift Bag Set is great for last minute gifts, stockings, teachers and more. Having my 5 tape is hard to come by they always find something to use it for, which all the gift bags have a drawstring making for easy packaging. They are the great way to wrap or decorated the home within seconds. You can purchase a 72 piece set by clicking here.


Faster File Transfer with USB 3.0 Technology The affordable, high-performance Lexar® JumpDrive® S33 USB 3.0 flash drive allows you to quickly transfer photos, videos, and files with speeds up to 100MB/s read and 55MB/s write.* The drive features a stylish swivel design with a retractable connector, sports a convenient key ring, and is available in capacities from 8GB-128GB.

Convenient, Reliable Portable Storage

Store and Transfer Content Faster. With a busy life on the go and so much to do, the last thing you want is to spend extra time waiting for your files to transfer. With speeds up to 100MB/s read and 55MB/s write,* you can now transfer a 3GB HD video clip in less than 1 minute, compared to the 4 minutes it takes using a standard USB 2.0 drive.** And for added versatility, the drive is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 devices.
Designed for Convenience. Beyond its performance and good looks, JumpDrive S33 is designed for convenience. Its small slim, swivel design includes an automatically retractable connector, which means there’s no cap to lose. And with the included key ring, you can easily attach it to your keychain, computer bag, backpack, or purse.
Colorful Style. Lexar JumpDrive S33 comes in a range of colorful capacity options—8GB in orange, 16GB in teal, 32GB in green, 64GB in purple, and 128GB in black—a great color coding system to help you organize your drives and their contents.
Lexar Performance, Quality, Compatibility, and Reliability. All Lexar memory card, card reader, and USB flash drive product designs undergo extensive testing in the Lexar Quality Labs, facilities with more than 1,100 digital devices, to ensure performance, quality, compatibility, and reliability. This provides customers with a high level of confidence when using Lexar products to capture, manage, move, and store the memories that matter. You can purchase a Lexar Jumpdrive by visiting Lexar's website here, Amazon and some major retailers. 
Kiss Naturals

Clear and clean, our vegetable based glycerin soap kits help you make up to 16 great smelling soaps with naturally derived fragrances in a host of great shapes. Fun to make and use in the tub or sink, it’s just good, clean fun!
Keep your lips smooth and soft with this all natural lip balm kit. Learn about what goes into lip balms when you mix the beeswax, Shea butter and safflower oil to get the perfect formulation. Whether you choose to put it in a jar, or a twist-up tube, your all natural lip balm will seal in moisture to protect the thin skin of your lips whether it’s cold, hot, rain or shine! Makes two lip balms (1 jar, 1 twist up tube).
Natural oils keep your lips shiny with this groovy 60s inspired lip gloss with a brightly colored, independently flowing blob of glycerine color in the mixture. Just give the tube a shake and be mesmerized as the two layers move and flow but stay separate. Includes 2 tubes and one natural glycerin based color.
Hair Chalk 
Use safe ingredients to make hair chalks that give your hair brilliant color, then wash out easily! Our hair chalk is colored by Mica, a safe, natural mineral that flakes into thin sheets that help to give it its natural glittery sheen. Makes two hair chalks.

You can purchase all these and their Big Sisters by visiting Kiss Naturals website here.

rotation180° Travel Away  

With this backpack adventurous travelers can keep their most valuable gear both secure and easily accessible.

With the rotation180° Travel Away’s patented rotation technology, which recently won two of Europe’s top design awards, the Red Dot Award and the OutDoor Industry Award 2014, travelers can keep their documents (e.g. passports, purses, wallets), electronic devices (e.g. phone, iPad Mini), and travel gear (e.g. guidebooks) safe from prying eyes and hands. 

With a simple twist, the lower belt pack rotates to the front for quick access and then rotates back under the mainbackpack into a secure, locked channel.  No longer do women have to hug their purses close to their sides or men keep a protective hand on their wallets and passports in their pockets.  And, when they want their guidebook or binoculars, no longer do they need to take off their backpack to get them. You can purchase this one of a kind backpack by visiting their website choose between two colors. You can also pick up the Charcoal on Amazon

Hickory Farms 

Why it's loved:
Exquisite to behold and a treat to taste, dedicated chocolatiers make these assorted masterpieces into a collection that delivers the true taste of American confectionary craftsmanship. Using the finest ingredients paired with premium milk or dark chocolate, each decadent piece in this exclusive 1 lb. holiday gift box is handcrafted in small batches to ensure superior taste and quality. 
Hickory Farms signature flavors include Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel, Almond Butter Toffee, Raspberry Sorbet Heart, Espresso Coffee Cream and eight other rich and creamy or crunchy nut varieties for you and your loved ones to enjoy. 
How to serve it:
Place the open box on the holiday table after the big feast – or serve the chocolates in groups of twos and threes on small plates. 
Makes a perfect gift for:
Giving fine chocolate at the holidays is a gift that can't go wrong, especially for the sweet tooth on your gift list. You can purchase Hickory Farms Chocolates here

Zing Anything

When life gives you lemons, give it the Citrus Zinger. It's so simple, so easy, and so tasty. Designed specifically for citrus fruits, Zing away with lemons, limes, clementines, and more. The Citrus Zinger offers an easy way to extract juice and flavor from citrus fruits and infuse them directly into your water bottle. Creating delicious lemonades, limeades, and orangeades, the Citrus Zinger flavor infuser is great for the active, on-the-go water drinker. Take it to yoga, the office, and around town. Enrich your water with vitamin C and flavonoids, and let the Citrus Zinger take you to that sunny, perfect day you long for, every day. You can purchase the Citrus Zinger can be purchase by visiting there website here or on Amazon. 

Hey kids! Tired of that boring, tasteless water? Well then give it a zing! With the Kid Zinger, you can flavor water with your favorite citrus fruit. Make tasty juice water using fresh oranges, clementines, lemons, and limes. Or add in other fruits and create unique combinations like strawberry lemon, orange mint, and berry lime. The Kid Zinger takes the citrus-infusing technology of the Citrus Zinger and shrinks it down to kid-size.In addition to being smaller than the parent Citrus Zinger, the Kid Zinger is also redesigned to be more kid-friendly, using a rounded citrus press tip to avoid injury and adds a pop-up straw to the lid to help prevent spills. The Kid Zinger is a healthy alternative to sugary juices and soda. All drinks can be made using only fresh fruit, though a drizzle of honey or agave syrup can be added to make a fresh-squeezed orangeade or lemonade. The Kid Zinger has been dentist approved and is recommended for ages 6 and up. You can purchase the Kid Zinger by visiting their website by clicking here, or on Amazon

Vacu Vin

Coconut Opener
The new "hit" from Vacu Vin is the best product available for preparing a coconut.
With Vacu Vin’s Coconut Opener you can easily prepare a coconut. First puncture the soft ‘eye’ and pour out the coconut liquid into a glass. Then simply hit the coconut several times while turning it. The Coconut Opener will easily divide the coconut into equal halves which then allows easy access to the coconut flesh. Bring an exotic holiday experience into your home with this smart product. 
  • Puncture the soft ‘eye’ of the coconut to pour out the liquid
  • Easily divide the coconut into equal halves
  • Clean with moist sponge/cloth
  • To preserve the wood, treat with vegetable or olive oil at least 4 times a year

Multi Jigger
A great cocktail gadget for measuring 4 different measurements for creating delicious cocktails!
Vacu Vin’s Multi Jigger is the perfect solution to measuring the right amounts of liquid for your cocktails. The functional design of this innovative, transparent jigger allows you to pour four different measurements. After selecting one of the four jigger positions simply pour the required liquid up to the edge of the Multi Jigger.
  • Correct measurements every time
  • 1 jigger - 4 measurements
  • Unique fun cocktail gadget

You can purchase the Coconut Opener by clicking here and the Multi Jigger by clicking here. You can also purchase the Coconut Opener on Amazon here
Sweetwood Cattle Co.

Sweetwood Cattle Co make great tasting Beef Jerky which is great for any stocking, with different types of jerky like Natural Style and Fatty's there is something for everyone. Flavors include Hot, Teriyaki, Peppered, and Original in natural style. In Fatty's you can choose from Jalapeno or Original. You can purchase a sampler pack on Sweetwood Cattle Co, website by clicking here. Check out all the other options offer by Sweetwood by clicking here

World Vision Gift Catalog

Championing convenience, gift cards topped the list of popular holiday gifts for 2013 ( Inspire you  to get creative this holiday season by giving the friends and loved ones delicious, poverty-fighting holiday gifts from the 2014 World Vision Gift Catalog. More than 250 items, ranging in price from $10 to $39,000, are available online and in the print catalog to help improve quality of life for women, children and families in the U.S. and around the world. Like this Prosperity CinnamonKnow a friend or family member who loves to bake? Each beautifully-carved cinnamon bark box contains 3 oz. of cinnamon and bears a common Asian character for prosperity. Vietnam's renowned sweet cinnamon is a renewable resource collected from the Cassia tree, sold to benefit generations of hard-working families. $85 Click here to purchase the Cinnamon or you can browse other items by clicking here

Cosmos Creations

Cosmos Creations premium puffed corn is gluten-free, trans-fat free, has no kernels or hulls and are baked with non-GMO corn meal. Cosmos Creations single serve flavors like Caramel, Salted Caramel, Coconut Crunch, Aged Cheddar & Cracked Pepper, Sea Salt & Butter and Cinnamon Crunch are perfect for stocking stuffers and make a great healthy snack alternative! You can purchase online by clicking here along with also locating a store nearest you. 

Body Glove SURGE

Body Glove SURGE, the first proven all-natural energy shot, is the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who lives an active lifestyle. Made with all-natural ingredients like green tea and whey protein, SURGE has zero bad chemicals like a lot of other energy shots on the market. The energy shot is a popular choice among top performing athletes seeking increased energy and mental focus. SURGE flavors include Peach Mango, Grape and Tropical Berry. You can purchase online by clicking here, along with locating a store nearest you. 


Started as a corner shop and branched into a world wide name, the yummy Cinnabon can be found in malls even in theme parks. Cinnabon has many products which make for a perfect stocking stuffer, for the home the Cinnabon Air Wick, a lovely aroma throughout the home. Or Cinnabon cinnamon roll mix, something great to wake up to Christmas morning. For the adults Cinnabon Pinecal Vodka. So this holiday season think Cinnabon for stockings. 

Bobble Sport

Bobble Sport is designed specifically with your active life in mind. Bobble Sport's new bottle shape has a molded grip, a carry handle, and will fit bike cages, car and treadmill cup holders. You can still enjoy the innovative filter that removes carbon from your water as you drink. And still look good doing it. You can purchase the new Bobble Sport bottle at your local retail store, and by visiting there website  by clicking here

King's Hawaiian

King's Hawaiian, just the name makes the mouth water. My family has used King's Hawaiian Rolls for many Thanksgivings and Christmas's. They make for a great item for any dinner party, or breakfast and lunch even. You can find King's Hawaiian in your local grocery stores, and major retail stores.  Enter to win a King's Hawaiian Prize Pack, contest is open to U.S. residents only and will run from November 22nd to December 20th 2014. 

The Trident gum you know and love can be found 'commando' (no wrappers!) in bottle and pouches. Whether in the car or at the office, the convenience of Trident Unwrapped will get you chewing faster and have you fighting cavities at the same time! You can find the new Trident Unwrapped gum at your local grocery, retail and drug stores. Enter a chance to win 2 bottles of unwrapped Trident gum, contest opened to U.S. residents only, contest will start Monday November 10th and will end November 24th 2014.
                                                          a Rafflecopter giveaway


Yumbutter  is a brand of organic, mouth-rockin’ nut and seed butters. These products are particularly kid-friendly for their delicious taste, and moms love them for their nutrition and convenient packaging! Each of the three flavors (peanut, almond, and sunflower) are enhanced with superfoods chia, hemp seeds, and Goji berries, offering complete proteins and vitamins. These spreads come in ultra-easy squeezable  GO-Anywhere multi-serving pouches for no-mess, no-utensil delivery. For the lunchbox or winter sporting, Yumbutter is the way to go. You can purchase it by visiting their website here or checking out your local Whole Foods. 


ChaiElixir  is a lightly carbonated tea-based beverage available in 3 exquisite flavors: Fusion, Essence, and Vivid. Each tea is infused with spices and fruit flavors for delicate, complex flavors. With half of the sugar of the average soda, ChaiElixir is a delicious and healthy beverage to serve at holiday gatherings to both kids and adults. Plus, ChaiElixir acts as an original, tasty mixer when paired with favorite libations. Swap this delicately sweet, sparkling beverage for the typical apple cider at your next holiday party! You can purchase ChaiElixir by clicking here or by visiting your local Whole Foods. 

Smith's Tea

“This boxed set off teas is personally crafted by Steven Smith, teamaker, in wonderfully small batches to offer you a drinking experience like nothing else in the world.  Each is created from ingredients picked at their peak and combined with rare verve and imagination.  You’ll find the proof in your cup and at, where you can see a great deal more of exactly what it is that makes Smith the most uncommon name in tea” You can purchase this great tasting tea by clicking here

Yoga Adventures

Yoga Adventures with Down Dog A Yoga Alphabet Play Date is an interactive DVD where children will learn not only yoga postures, but also the alphabet, letter recognition, and spelling as well. Kids will delight in singing yoga songs, practicing simple yoga poses, and using letters of the alphabet to have fun and feel great while developing life skills at the same time. You can purchase the DVD on Amazon. Enter to Win a copy of the Yoga Adventures with Down Dog A Yoga Alphabet Play Date DVD. Contest will run from November 16th through December 9th 2014. Contest Open to U.S. residents only. 

Peppermint Malt Balls from high-end candy boutique, Sugarfina, are light & crispy malt balls, dipped in rich dark chocolate, then rolled in winter white chocolate and crushed candy canes.  Decadent, delicious... these peppermint beauties are #1 on ourmalt ball wish list. You can purchase these by clicking here.

The ABCs of Yoga for Kids Calendar

The ABCs of Yoga for Kids Calendar contains 12 child-friendly yoga postures to practice each month of the year. Using the alphabet, rhyming vignettes and colorful illustrations, each pose delightfully promotes flexibility and coordination, while encouraging children to incorporate a healthy activity into their daily lives. The health benefits of yoga are unquestionable, a few of which include: improved mental focus, enhanced discipline, physical fitness, better circulation, improved breathing, improved posture and reduced physical and mental stress. Yoga for kids nourishes the mind, body, and spirit and paves the way for a life-long tradition of health and fitness. You can purchase the Calendar on Amazon

Soft Soap

Small accents make all the difference when it comes to dressing up your sink. Softsoap® brand is proud to introduce the new Décor Collection liquid hand soap line. Treat yourself to an indulgent hand washing experience, with the enticing scents of Peony & Plum, Orchid Petals & Mint Water, and Wild Basil & Lime in a package you are proud to display. Collect all three exquisite fragrances to beautify every sink in your home starting February 2014. You can purchase these in most mass retail and grocery stores for about $2.49 each. 


PEEPS Gingerbread Flavored Marshmallow Gingerbread Men creatively combine our signature PEEPS marshmallow with the great taste of freshly baked gingerbread. Ideal for eating and decorating!
PEEPS Chocolate Dipped Candy Cane Flavored Marshmallow Chicks are destined to become a favorite Christmas tradition. Candy cane flavored marshmallow is delicately dipped in delicious chocolate to create an unforgettable taste. And, they make perfect stocking stuffers too!
Chocolate Dipped Sugar Cookie Flavored Marshmallow Chicks combine all  the sweet goodness of fresh baked sugar cookies with the delicious taste of creamy milk chocolate to make
even Santa come back for more.
PEEPS Chocolate Mousse Flavored Marshmallow Reindeer are loved by children and adults alike! The fun and festive shape is ideal for creative holiday recipes, crafts and snacks!
PEEPS Peppermint Flavored Marshmallow Stars add a twinkle to your holiday! The cool peppermint flavor is great to add into holiday baking and the perfect companion to your hot cup of cocoa!
PEEPS Chocolate Covered Mint Flavored Marshmallow Trees add  extra cheer to the holiday season. Indulge yourself with fluffy mint flavored marshmallow wrapped in delicious dark or creamy milk chocolate. 
PEEPS Marshmallow Snowmen help make the holidays fun! The fluffy marshmallow and adorable shape make these snowmen perfect for fun-filled crafts and recipes, not to mention great tasting Christmas treats!
PEEPS Marshmallow Trees are a holiday favorite! The festive holiday shape is the perfect treat for holiday parties, recipes and crafts.


To combat the negative effects of the cold weather, ChapStick® is offering a variety of seasonally-inspired lip balms. These flavorful lip treats are reminiscent of the warmest holiday memories and will keep lips looking and feeling mistletoe ready. During the long, harsh winter months, dry lips seem inevitable, but with these seasonal varieties, ChapStick® will help make your lips soft and smooth. Lips everywhere can spread holiday cheer with these limited-edition varieties:
·         New ChapStick® Vanilla Candy Cane mixstix™ gives you the ability to mix and mingle the complementary flavors of Vanilla Milkshake and Candy Cane for an irresistible holiday lip treat.
·         New ChapStick® Pumpkin Pie is reminiscent of the favorite holiday dessert and is sure to keep your lips looking and feeling their sweetest.
·         ChapStick® Candy Cane is just as scrumptious as the candy canes devoured on Christmas day. It is a favorite sure to please friends, teachers, co-workers and family. You can find these at your local retail store and grocery stores. 


When you think of sunblock you normally think Summer, but the sun is around all the time and I know for myself I am out more in the winter because its not so hot and horrible like in the summer. Sunblock is something most of us forget to put on so why not help with a friendly reminder in a stocking stuffer. Coppertone has all types of products to fit everyone's needs like, the kids sunblock its water proof because kids seem to always find water. For the women they have a more gentle sunblock which helps block as well as sooth the skin so your soft to touch. For the family sports block because you sweat while working out and doing sports so it counters with protection along with water resistant keeping you safe through your game. You can find Coppertone products in your local retail stores, grocery, and drug stores. 

Shark Skinzz

Shark Skinzz line of  Disposable Flasks are a fun creative way to keep your drinks with you while expressing your personality. There are many designs in which to choose from on the Disposable Flask website which you can visit here to place a purchase. Not only are Disposable Flask made from recycled material but they can be placed in almost anything. Making for a perfect fit to a day out at the park, gym or whatever it may be. 


Smile, because it's now possible for on-the-go kids and parents to travel spill free. The 14oz. AUTOSPOUT Kids Stirker Water Bottle features a one-touch lid that pops-up for easy one-handed drinking from a straw. You can purchase the Kids Stirker Water Bottle by visiting their website here or on Amazon

The Presidential Board Game 

Think you have what it takes to be America's next President? The Presidential is a fun and exciting game of strategy where two teams, democrats and republicans, battle for control of each state to ultimately gain 270 electoral votes or more and entertaining and educational family game. It's great for both students (11+) and adults. Enjoy the thrill of playing to win the most powerful job in the world! You can purchase your game on their website here or on Amazon

Dick & Jane 

Dick & Jane educational snacks create a fun, unique experience for elementary aged kids. Available in States & Capitals, English & Spanish and Presidents, each Dick & Jane cookie features educational facts and offers a valuable learning experience. Made from all-natural, nut-free ingredients  Dick & Jane’s  snacks are actually good for the kids, too! You can purchase these fun snacks by clicking here


KanJam is a fun game which is easy to set up and can be played with the whole family, friends and more. The KanJam is made entirely in the U.S. from premium materials. It's lightweight, easy to set up, and comprised of the most durable materials available. Each KanJam game includes: 2 durable, highly portable official goals, custom-designed official KanJam flying disc and instructions. You can purchase the KanJam by clicking here or on Amazon


Cricket Candle Lighter is designed to be the most reliable, versatile, and easy to use candle lighter on the market. The sleek style of the new Cricket Candle Lighter blends with any décor. Great stocking stuffer for both men, women and older kids. You can find Cricket Candle Lighter at your local Bed, Bath and Beyond. Enter to Win a Cricket Candle Lighter, open to U.S. residents only, runs from November 17th through December 1st, 2014. 
Hello Kitty Bluetooth Speaker

Share your favorite music with family, friends and Hello Kitty, with this Bluetooth wireless  speaker system. Enjoy crisp and clean wireless audio through the powerful, amplified speaker from any Bluetooth enabled device including many smartphones. There is also an auxiliary input jack, with cable included, to connect and play music from your computer, MP3, CD player or other digital audio devices. A built-in USB port has been included for the convenience of portable device battery charging. Hello Kitty Bluetooth Speaker ($39.99 at Toys R Us)this year and you can purchase it on Amazon

Uber Mom 

Tissue Box by Urber Mom. Looking for a stylish and uber-chic way to tote around tissues? While our baby wipes were staying clean and moist in “The Wipebox,” launched in 2012, the tissue packs in the bottom of our handbags were not! Durable, stylish, and eco-friendly (made of recycled polypropylene), the TissueBox is the first and only Wipebox made for tissue packs and small nasal wipes. Designed for your handbag, diaper bag, car, desk or backpack! For the eco-minded parent,The TissueBox is helping to make a "greener" environment by eliminating the need for disposable packages and containers and is made from recycled Polypropylene. For boys or girls, the designs include: Ivory Ice Cream Cone, Blue Rosetta, White Anchor, Navy Moroccan, Orange Owl and more. MSRP $4.99. NOW available at and

Krazy Straw

Want a fun way to wake your kids up for Christmas? How about Krazy Straw products, the gift which makes for a great stocking stuffer. Just think of it have a cute present gift cup with a bow straw with some eggnog or apple cider ready for the kids when they come down to see what Santa left them. Why stop there you can also personalize each straw to have your child's name no more fighting over who gets what with these straws. After the holidays the Krazy Straw still keeps going with a hard plastic making for fun for all occasions. You can see the whole line of Krazy Straw products by clicking here.

Silly Putty

A stocking stuffer truly for all ages Silly Putty. Silly Putty has been around for years and years one of the first toys out on the market I am sure. You can purchase Silly Putty at all retail stores, grocery stores and even on Amazon


Recoil Automatic Cord Winders are a great stocking stuffer. Tangled cords are a problem that everyone deals with. Headphones, USB cords, and cell phone chargers are often thrown together in pile and become entwined and tangled together, giving an annoying mess to sort  out. Recoil Automatic Cord Winders are the solution to this problem. Great for a office, teacher, home, anywhere really. You can purchase the Recoil by visiting their website along with on Amazon


It all started with scraps! Pomchies were invented with scraps from a swimwear factory. The Pomchie line to include Pom-ID's, Pom-shoes, Pom-Keys, Spirit Band-it headbands, Team-Twist braided bracelets, and Pom-Braid and Double Pom-Braid braided headbands. The possibilities are endless on ways to use the Pomchie product. There are so many color combinations your sure to find the perfect set for you! You can purchase Pomchies products by visiting Win a set of Pomchies. Contest will run from November 22nd, through December 13th, 2014. Open to U.S. residents. 
Mutant Mania Four Pack

Mutant Mania is a fun set of crazy looking monsters which you can collect and make your own.
The Four Pack comes complete with four heads, torsos, legs and stretchy spines as well as four storage can containers and a collector’s guide. For ages 5 and up, MSRP $5.99 You can purchase Mutant Mania collectors packs at your local ToysRUs, retail store or on Amazon

Spot It! from Blue Orange

The Doc is in, and it's time to learn! The versatile matching game is a fun and rewarding way for preschoolers to learn numbers and shapes, the building blocks of math. With three ways to play, kids visually and verbally identify numbers, basic shapes, and images inspired by Doc and her stuffed-animal friends. Between two cards, there is always one match. Spot it and you win! For ages 3 and up, 2-6 players. Comes in a small tin making it the perfect game for on the go, great for doctors appointments, car rides and more. You can purchase the Doc McStuffins Spot It! at your local ToysRUs, retail store, and on Amazon.  Win a Doc McStuffins Spot It! Game, contest open to U.S. residents only, contest will run from November 28th through December 21, 2014.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

The best gift is the gift that helps many, the St. Jude foundation has all kinds of products in which make a great gift along with 100% of the proceeds go to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. You can find things like these cute Santa and Reindeer Hot Chocolate stocking stuffers for only a $5 donation to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Visit the website by clicking here.


What child doesn't love a fake tattoo? and add one that stands out with glitter. GlitterToos are a fun temporary tattoo which you create for your child. With step by step instructions anyone can do it. The GlitterToos come in many fun kits, the ones above are Fantasy (princess, fairies etc) Dance and Sing (ballerinas, music notes) Teen ( omg! peace, etc) Flowers in Bloom and finally Love, Peace and Happiness. Each of these kits come with 15 premium stencils, 6 glitter colors, 4 applicator brushes, and instruction and care sheet. The GlitterToos are 100% safe and dry instantly lasting for days. You can purchase GlitterToos by visiting their website here. Some kits can be found on Amazon. Enter to be one of 10 winners to choose your own GlitterToos kit! Giveaway will start November 15th and end December 11th 2014. Open to U.S. residents only. 

BITS Limited

The Mini Squid’s small size makes it ideal for use in tight spaces or to provide extra outlets while traveling. The flexible arms of the Mini Squid help eliminate the issue of not having enough space to accommodate today’s various sized plugs and chargers —a common problem with typical power strip surge protectors. Features 3 grounded outlets and 2 USB Cconnectors on flexible cords. The miniSquid has 612 Joules of Surge Protection and up to 40dB of Line Noise Filtration for protecting electronics on the go. You can purchase the miniSquid Travel Surge Protector by clicking here or on Amazon.  

Crashlings are meteor mutants from outer space, there are many sets in which to collect. The Crashlings sets come in many forms the ones pictured above are a 4 pack which have 4 Crashlings, 2 popping  meteors which can reach up to 4 feet, 2 meteors and 1 crash-tronomy chart. The larger set comes with a Meteor Missile Ship, 2 Crashlings, 1 meteor, 1 popping meteor, and 1 crash-tronomy chart. The Crashlings are fun characters about a inch in size which can live in the meteors, the missile ship allows for you to place your Crashling on it and launch them across the room. For ages 5 and up. You can purchase Crashlings at your local ToysRUs and on Amazon. Visit the Crashlings website to see all the sets you can collect! Over 150 characters to choose from. 


  • NEW Spinbrush My Way! Major League Baseball brushes allow kids to personalize their Spinbrushes to make brushing more fun! Includes stickers for all 30 Major League Baseball teams
  • NEW Spinbrush Super Mario & Spinbrush Princess Peach makes brushing more fun when kids can brush with their favorite characters!
  • These toothbrushes help kids look forward to those two minutes of brushing and give your child a brighter, whiter smile this holiday season
  • You can pick up a Spinbrush at your local retail store, drug store, or on Amazon


Clipix is the new, universal, flexible, removable stroller accessory system from Okiedog, designed for parents and kids who love the outdoors. With a simple CLICK various accessories can be attached and removed to the stroller. Install the base clip once, and simply swap the required accessories in a flash. Attach a cup holder during the day, an LED safety light at night, or more storage for the longer walks, with Clipix this is a breeze. You can purchase the Clipix by clicking here and use code save820  or on Amazon


Beados Starter Pack
  • Three simple steps: make, spray and display!
  • Kids design their Beados character then simply spray their design with water
  • Once dry, the beads are fused together and kids can place their designs in the enclosed display stands
  • Requires no heat or glue for no-mess fun – great for parents!
  • Includes 400 beads, one Pod Pen, two design trays, a spray bottle, six design templates, two connectors, a display stand, an instruction book and four pods for the interchangeable Pod Pen to help kids organize their beads by color
  • Ages 4 and up
  • MSRP: $12.99
  • Beados Starter Pack can be purchased at your local ToysRUs, retail store or on Amazon

Vinnebago by Corkcicle 

Vinnebago by Corkcicle is the ideal way to enjoy perfect temperature beverages on the go – cold or hot.  Simply pour your favorite drink into the three walls of proprietary insulation of the  Vinnebago bottle at the temperature you’d like to keep it, and Vinnebago will do just that - keep it cool for 25 hours or hot for 12. Vinnebago eliminates the need for a cumbersome cooler. There’s absolutely no bottle sweat.  No pre-freezing required.  And since there’s no breakable glass, it’s great for the beach, boat, or pool deck.  Vinnebago can fit a full 750mL (bottle of wine) inside and is perfect for not only wine, but also water, sports drinks, iced coffee and mixed cocktails, as well as hot coffee, tea, mulled wine and hot chocolate. Retail: $29.95 You can purchase the Vinnebago by clicking here

Gaslamp Popcorn

I notice in the fall popcorn seems to show up all over the place, and one of our family favorites which you can purchase year round is Gaslamp Popcorn, which has great tasting popcorn which comes in a variety of flavors. White Cheddar, Kettle Corn, Cinnamon Caramel to name a few are the many great things to look forward to during the holidays. Our family favorite is Cinnamon Caramel which makes for a great stocking stuffer or a nice treat on the dinner table. This holiday season be on the look out for Apple Crumble Pie and Pumpkin Spice Pie flavored Gaslamp Popcorn. You can find Gaslamp Popcorn at your local retail and grocery stores.

Pinnacle Cinnabon Vodka 

Pinnacle vodka is imported from France and has 35% alcohol in it (70 proof). The Pinnacle Cinnamon Roll Vodka is a perfect drink to any party or winter night. It is sweet all on it's own so you can drink it straight or blend it with other beverages making for the perfect stocking stuffer.  You can pick up a bottle of Pinnacle Cinnabon Vodka at your local liquor store.

Pretzel Crisps® 

Great stocking stuffer this year is the ever so yummy Pretzel Crisps® Dark Chocolate & Peppermint, or White Chocolate & Peppermint 1oz bags. The Pretzel Crisps® Dark Chocolate & Peppermint is a great pleasure for the cold nights. The White Chocolate & Pepperment is a great way to start the day, along with a cup of hot coffee. Pretzel Crisps® make for the perfect stocking stuffer in their decorative 1oz holiday bag. You can purchase the Pretzel Crisps® White and Dark Chocolate with Peppermint by visiting your local grocery store in the deli section. 

Charm It!

Having daughters I have always wanted to get them charm bracelets but most of the time they cost to much. Charm It! Is a cheap inexpensive way for me to collect charms for my daughters which represent them. You can purchase Charm It! products at Gap Kids, Amazon and on their website. Charms range from $5-$16.

Juice in the Box

Juice in the Box is the ultimate travel drink box. It’s spill-proof, fits into most lunch boxes and is made of the highest, safest and most durable material – and can be reused 1,000 times over.
Now mom can send low-sugar, healthy drinks to school and kids will love drinking out of the fun box.  Plus, we save on the hundreds of billions of juiceboxes discarded to landfills each year.  Better for you and better for the environment.  Juice in the Box comes in five fun-filled colors – green, orange, pink, red and blue. You can purchase your Juice in the Box by clicking here


Like taking selfies, group photos or skypeing? This is the perfect stocking stuffer for you and friends. The Keyprop holds the phone upright so your able to take a pic without having to worry about holding it still. It's great for skype so you can talk while relaxing vs holding the phone the whole time. How it works is you slide it into your charging slot or your headset slot and it holds the phone. The Keyprop is small and looks like a key so you can keep it on your key ring. You can purchase a Keyprop by clicking here.


 Crayola always has such great things which get the kids from playing video games to using their imaginations. One of the great products they offer is the new Meltdown Art Set. Take new or old crayons place them in the holder, grab a hair dryer and go to town making a one of a kind piece of art work. The Crayola Meltdown Art Set comes with 2 packs of 12 unique crayons, 2 white canvases, 1 black canvas (for awesome neon) and 6 washable paint pots with pearl fx. You can purchase the Crayola Meltdown Art Set at your local retail store or Toys R Us, or click here to purchase off Amazon.


Have a family member who goes through screens like candy? Check out the Tech21’s advanced cases and screen protectors which are available for a wide variety of smartphones, tablets and laptops, and deliver intelligent impact protection without taking away from the beauty and functionality of the device. The company uses patented D3O “goo” in its cases, which locks up upon impact to for ultimate protection, and recently launched its Impact Shield screen protector, which brings cutting edge bulletproof polymers directly to your device.  This great product can be purchased here

The Shave Well Company Locker Mirror

Whether its school, work or the gym we always try to look our best. The Shave Well Company has a great Locker Mirror which hangs perfectly in your locker at work, school or the gym, or you can even carry it in your purse. It's the perfect mirror for a quick fix on yourself. Its unbreakable, clear with a undistorted refection and it adheres to any surface making for the perfect stocking stuffer. You can purchase it here.

Konami Yu-Gi-Oh!

Konami is the leader in Yu-Gi-Oh card games. They make for the perfect stocking stuffer and gift for kids of all ages. Yu-Gi-Oh! is a fast pace game which requires skill to beat your opponent. The Konami set of cards keep you collecting and earning more points as you do. Its a great game that is easy to pick up and start playing, but the more you get the more you master. You can check out all the decks of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards from Konami by clicking here. You can purchase sets at your local comic book store or retail stores.

Southern Recipe Pork Rinds

This year why not try something different for the people in your life and throw in some Southern Recipe Pork Rinds. I am a huge fan of the Hot & Spicy, but did you know they have more flavors like Salt & Vinegar, Sweet BBQ, Original, and Bar-B-Q.  Makes for a great stocking stuffer or added holiday treat. Can be bought at most gas stations and grocery stores, along with major retail stores.

The Republic of Tea

The Republic of Tea, is a leading purveyor of premium teas, and has just launch its second line of Downton Abbey inspired teas.  Each of the all natural calorie-free teas are inspired by the award-winning TV series that has entranced millions of viewers and become a global phenomenon.  The four new flavors are: Bates’ Brambleberry Tea, Mrs. Patmore’s Pudding Tea, Lady Cora’s Evening Tea and Downton Christmas Tea. Pictured above is Lady Cora’s Evening Tea – This caffeine-free blend of chamomile and lemon balm will calm the mind and body.  Relaxing botanicals create a cup of tranquility that helps ease the nerves.  Nice before bedtime when a soothing cup is a welcome friend. Makes for a great tasting stocking stuffer, for any tea fan. You can purchase this tea along with many other wonderful options from The Republic of Tea by visiting their website by clicking here.

Kitchen Table Bakers

Something new for the stocking is Kitchen Table Bakers' new Mini Parm Crisps are a bite-sized indulgence baked entirely of aged parmesan cheese that is naturally gluten, wheat and sugar-free, fitting well into a stocking or pairing effortlessly with everything from wine to champagne and smoked salmon to salsa. The 1.75-ounce resealable, stand up pouch is available for purchase from or Amazon. Why stop there? While on Kitchen Table Baker's website check out the other 9 different flavors, there is sure to be something for everyone

Weleda Winter Essentials Kit

This holiday season give the gift of nourishing and soothing comfort with the limited-edition “Skin. Food. Love” winter essentials kit.Featuring fan-favorites Skin Food and Everon® Lip Balm, this ultra-moisturizing duo calms winter-weathered skin and dry, cracked lips. Whether you’re searching for the perfect stocking stuffer, an extra treat for your best friend or a gift for your co-worker, this all-natural pair is ideal for everyone on your list. Each kit includes:
Skin Food (1 FL OZ) – A versatile, whole-body cream with a nourishing blend of plant oils and extracts.
·         Organic  sunflower seed  moisturizes and protects with natural vitamin E
·         Organic pansy calms irritation
·         Organic calendula flower extract gently nourishes and soothes dry skin

Everon® Lip Balm (.17 OZ) – With rose and vanilla to soften, moisturize and nourish naturally.
·         Organic shea butter deeply moisturizes 
·         Wild rose wax repairs cracks and irritations
·         Beeswax provides long-lasting protection from dryness

Carmex Moisture Plus

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  With the holidays just around the corner, let  Carmex   Moisture Plus take some stress out of the busy shopping season.  The four super cute lip balms make the perfect stocking stuffer, secret Santa gift or last-minute treat for friends and family. And with a suggested retail price of $2.99, these treasured little sticks will keep lips mistletoe-ready without breaking the bank for beauty and fashion lovers.

The trusted, ultra-hydrating Carmex Moisture Plus technology provides a supreme moisture experience with aloe and vitamin E to protect lips from the damage that can occur during the cold winter months.


Elekrokidz are the first ever music-inspired figurines whose hair "dance" to the beat of the music you are listening to! There are six unique Elektrokidz in six unique finishes, including shiny gold and chrome, and each come with their own stylized shades. Each Elektrokidz hair dance the same way, so collect them all to be United by the Beat! The Perfect Stocking Stuffer and Present under $20! Available at all Toys R Us stores MSRP $14.99 6+  2 sets of batteries are included! 


I don't think any kids stocking is complete without something from Crayola. Crayola has so many products to choose from like markers for windows, water colors, colored pencils and so much more. You can find Crayola in all retail stores and much more. Print out some fun coloring sheets while checking out the whole Crayola line of products here


You can never go wrong with gift cards and Sonic has plenty of options to choose from $5, $10, $25 and even $100. You can give the gift of Sonic in any amount you feel fit. Sonic has a huge selection of food and drink, along with happy hour 2-4 everyday.  Order your gift card by clicking here or look for Sonic gift cards at local retail stores. 

Little Tikes Press N' Go Dog

The Little Tikes Press N' Go Dog is a fun toy for the little ones. All you do is press in the middle and sit back and watch it go. For ages 1 and up, can choose between the dog or a cat or why not both. You can purchased at your local retail store, ToysRUs and Amazon.  MSRP $9.99. 

Rohto® Cool MAX 

Rohto® is the number-one global eye drop brand and was first launched in Japan over 100 years ago. Since then the brand has been consistently advancing the eye drop category with innovative technology. Introduced to the United States market over 12 years ago, Rohto created a distinct sub-category of “cooling eye drops” which now comprises an important and growing part of the market. Unlike ordinary eye drops, Rohto® delivers a unique cooling sensation using Freshkick™ technology that works wonders to soothe and comfort irritated eyes for up to eight hours – a feature that is loved and embraced by loyal fans. The line of Rohto® Cooling Eye Drop products provide fast-acting cooling relief for a number of symptoms including red, dry, or itchy eyes caused by environmental irritants.  Rohto® Cool MAX is the newest product from the brand, hitting shelves nationwide this month. Featuring maximum-strength redness relief, Rohto® Cool Max whitens red, irritated eyes, plus soothes and protects eyes from further irritation. You can find Rohto eye drops in your local retail and drug stores. 


Get smart and try ClipSee, the world¹s first iPhone-speakerphone that provides 3X the amplification of your voice, and your caller¹s voice.  With one clip to your seatbelt, ClipSee accomplishes what more complicated (and expensive) accessories fail to do:  provide easy, safe, and powerful call clarity while driving. No need for battery chargers, cords, Bluetooth synching in your rental car or straining to be heard.  When you place your iPhone into the holster, ClipSee provides quick, eyes-free speakerphone activation as well as answering/ending calls. And it removes outside sounds like wind and traffic to boot. Don¹t be fooled by its simplicity. You can now call CONTROL headquarters and make driving smart again ­ and tap into your inner Agent 99. This makes a great stocking-stuffer ­ especially for kids! You can purchase a ClipSee by clicking here along with on Amazon


The Duncan Yoyo has been around for ages and keeps coming out with more durable types of yoyo's like the Butterfly XT which is Made of Durable Plastic, Great For Beginners and has Ball-Bearing Axle For Long Spin Time. Comes in all kinds of fun colors. You can purchase the Duncan Yoyo at your local retail store, toy store and on Amazon

Tickety Toc DVD

It's Christmas time in Tickety Town, and Tommy & Tallulah are determined to make every merry second count! In this all-new collection of adventures including the Christmas Present Time Special the twins find a new way to make snow, build a giant igloo, roll the biggest snowball ever, and even help Santa fix his sleigh in time for Christmas Eve! But when their escapades get out of hand, friends like McCoggins, Pufferty, Madame Au Lait and Tooteroo will help them make things right. It's time to chime in these exciting winter-themed episodes from the Nick Jr. preschool hit! You can find the DVD at your local retail store as well as on Amazon.

Chuggington DVD

Who is the strongest and most dependable construction crew in Chuggington?  The Chuggineers! In this special collection of hard-working adventures plus train loads of free bonus features! Brewster joins Chuggineers Zack, Fletch and Tyne to build tracks, bridges and tunnels, make repairs, haul heavy loads and more!  Featuring new wagons and machines -- like the huge yellow Mega Chug Crane -- and new friends -- including Payce, the tunnel runner from Tootington, and Cormac, the cheeky forklift engine -- Wilson, Brewster, Koko, and your own little trainee will discover important lessons about safety, responsibility and teamwork! You can find this DVD at your local retail store as well as on Amazon

Peppa Pig Plush

Introducing Peppa & Friends plush assortment, new for Spring 2013! Adorable, soft, 7" plush come in an assortment including Everyday Peppa, Muddy Puddles Peppa, Ballet Peppa, Everyday George, Spring Peppa & Candy Cat. Collect them all!
  • Lovable Peppa dressed as a prima ballerina
  • Soft, huggable friend!
  • Signature styling from the TV show
  • Great addition or beginning to any Peppa & Friends collection
  • Collect them all! (Each sold separately & subject to availability)
You can purchase Peppa Pig at ToysRUs and on Amazon

Fling a Ring

Fling A Ring is a "NEWLY" invented Ultimate outdoor game. Patented by design for the unique locking feature arms. It is a twist between jarts, horseshoes, and disc, golf. The discs are professional weight, safe and flexible, RH or LH by flipping the disc over and float for water play. 2 teams of 2, 4 players that throw the disc at opposing posts for points. Fling A Ring scoring is 1 point within a disc length of post, 2 points by hitting post, 3 points for a ringer in arm area, and the Ultimate 4 point "Ringer" for the small hole hook. First team to 21 points wins...must win by 2 points. Ages from 5 to 85 can enjoy this game with light and safe discs. The unique locking arm design allows the thrown disc to lock onto the opposing post when throw. The speed and spin of the throw will affect the locking arm feature. Discs will not damage grass. Additional posts can be ordered for backyard golf. If you enjoy outdoor games and tailgating, Fling A Ring is the Ultimate game for you. WARNING: Fling A Ring is extremely addictive and fun for all ages and skill set. You can purchase Fling a Ring on Amazon

Coco Polo Chocolate Bars 

For health conscious parents, Coco Polo ( is a dream come true. This brand of stevia-sweetened chocolate is completely free of added sugar, making it a healthy choice for both kids and adults. But contrary to other bland sugar-free desserts, Coco Polo is creamy and sweet, with a rich taste that comes from their high cocoa content (39% in milk varieties, 70% in dark varieties). Coco Polo is the delicious, guilt-free treat for stocking stuffers, hot chocolate recipes, and family desserts. Check out the 13 different varieties—Milk Mango is amazing! You can purchase at your local Whole Foods. 


Trojan Arouses and Intensifies Lubricant. New! For a Crazy Sexy feel, indulge your adventurous side. Open the bottle - and your imagination. Take passion to new heights and get ready to be inspired. Try Arouses and Intensifies lubricant for foreplay and intercourse! For foreplay massage and manual clitoral stimulation. Intensifies sensations during intercourse. Continuous lubrication for uninterrupted pleasure. Non-sticky, mess-free, unscented and clear. Safe to use with latex condoms. 3.0 fluid ounces. Please note not recommended for use with Trojan Vibrators.  Trojan Simply Pleasure Keep it simple & sexy. Sometimes the simplest things can be the most wonderful. Let nothing get in the way of your pleasure. Trojan Continuous Silkiness. For a Crazy Sexy feel. Seduce your senses. This smooth, silky pleasure will take you and your partner to a new level of intimacy! Try Continuous Silkiness lubricant for a natural feeling! For a thrilling, natural feeling. Deeply sensual and wonderfully silky. Continuous lubrication for uninterrupted pleasure. Non-sticky & mess-free. Unscented & clear. Safe to use with latex condoms. Not recommended for use with TROJAN Vibrators. You can purchase all these products in your local retail store and drug store. 

Trojan Vibrations and Condoms

Trojan Double Ecstasy Condoms feature a revolutionary design that lets you feel the pleasure, not the condom. Different lubricants on the inside and outside of the condom help maximize the pleasure for each partner. Tapered at the base for a secure fit. Comfort shape allows freedom of movement for a more natural experience. Intensified lubricant outside warms and excites. Deep ribbing throughout the condom delivers maximum stimulation. Ultra smooth premium lubricant inside for a more natural feel. Made from premium quality latex; to help reduce the risk. Each condom is electronically tested; to help ensure reliability. Always insist on Trojan America's 1 condom trusted for over 90 years. 

TROJAN™ VIBRATIONS Vibrating Multi-Thrill™

The Vibrating Multi-Thrill™ is our latest in innovation! Experience Mind & Body Pleasure with this 3 in 1 vibrating bullet that will spark your pleasure with 3 textured thrills!
  • 3 soft textures
  • Intense vibrating bullet - amplify with textures or use alone
  • Compact with easy-grip design
  • Batteries included and replaceable

TROJAN™ VIBRATIONS Hot Spot™ Vibrating Ring
Vibrating ring designed to provide spot-on pleasure.
  • High-reach extension for direct contact
  • Lasts up to 20 minutes
  • May be used with or without a condom

You can purchase these items at your local retail store and drug stores. 

Tidy Tots Potty Chair Liners

Tidy Tots disposable potty chair liners take the mess out of your child's potty training experience. No more dumping or pouring your little one's success into the toilet and then trying to clean and sanitize the potty chair for the next use. Tidy Tots will put an end to wiping out what is left behind and cleaning after your child's potty training session. Tidy Tots disposable potty chair liners are designed to fit in most any potty chair. Simply cover the removable bowl of your potty chair with a Tidy Tots plastic disposable potty liner, smooth it into place, and add a Tidy Tots super-absorbent pad. The super-absorbent pad is designed to absorb more than your child can create in one sitting, so you can choose to change the liner after each use or wait for 2-3 uses. When finished, simply remove the liner from the removable potty chair bowl, pull the drawtape closure and tie it closed. Simply discard the liner just as you would dispose of a diaper. Tidy Tots liners work on any potty training chair and make clean up a snap. In addition to saving time, Tidy Tots are a more sanitary way to potty train and keep the chair clean after each use. Tidy Tots are great for travel for the "on the go" Mom! Take Tidy Tots and your potty chair and no more yucky public restrooms for the potty training family.
Finally...a mess free solution to potty training! You can purchase the Potty Chair liners on Amazon


Always be in your element! This tent bracelet was hand made in Guatemala by village artisans who used recycled materials. 8 inches around, button loop clasp made from recycled tent material Zamak metal button. You can purchase this one of a kind bracelet by clicking here.

Zebra Pen

For the expressive creators of the world, the Sarasa line delivers noticeable color vibrancy and a flowing ink experience couple with Rapid Dry Ink (RDI) technology to promote a most pleasurable and confident creative or writing experience. Dries in less than a second, in an instant on most surfaces. Ideal for the left-handed
Stylus Pen 1.0mm Ball Point with Ultra Smooth Ink Performanc. Stylus and pen in one -Compact telescopic ball point pen in fashion colors to coordinate with your other accessories. Extends to full length when writing and easily retracts to shorter length making it perfect for pockets, purses, laptop backs and brief cases. You can find these pens at your local office supply store and retails. Enter to win a set of Zebra Pens. Contest starts November 19th and Ends December 11th, 2014. Open to U.S. residents only. 
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You Can Hide It

Don’t waste your money on overpriced drinks when you go out. BYOB and hide your beverages with our secret flasks instead! Let’s face it, drinks are expensive. You work hard and you deserve to have some fun. Why pay those exhorbitant prices when you can sneak drinks from home and BYOB for 1/10th of the cost? Keep that money in your pocket instead of making someone else rich. Don’t waste your time standing in line for those overpriced drinks either. After all, party time is precious! Those poor schleps will miss the game or concert, but you’ll be sitting right there in your comfy seat enjoying yourself with you secret flash. You are sure to be the envy among your family and friends! Our flasks are easy to hide and look just like regular, everyday personal items. No one will ever know (not even security)! All our hidden flasks are…Easy to Hide, Leakproof, Easy to fill, Beverage Safe, Reusable and Easy to clean. And if you’re looking for the best gift EVER, a secret flask is perfect for birthdays, bachelorette/bachelor, office parties, Christmas, white elephant, gift exchanges and lots more. Our drink smuggling flasks are the one gift people will actually fight over and remember forever. Yep, we’ve seen it happen. You can purchase these here

Burt's Bee

A Bit of Burt's Bees: Here’s a cold weather tip for hands and lips: stay moisturized! Pair our classic Beeswax Lip Balm with a travel-friendly Mini Hand Salve that’s perfect for traveling holiday guests. Or give them something tropical with your choice of a Pomegranate, Pink Grapefruit, or Mango Lip Balm with a Mini Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. You can purchase this here

Tint and Shine: Whether layered or worn separately, our Lip Shine and Tinted Lip Balm will give anyone on your shopping list that little extra bit of holiday polish. And it’s sure to score you some extra holiday thanks. You can purchase here

Hive Favorites: The perfect pair of Burt’s Bees favorites in two options – our popular Milk & Honey Body Lotion and either a Beeswax or Pomegranate Lip Balm. This combination of beloved products is great for someone on your list that needs a little holiday pampering. You can purchase here

You can check out all of Burt's Bees gift sets like the ones above and more by visiting Burt's Bees website here


The world’s first case integrated with a wireless remote camera shutter.  This unique case gives you a greater degree of control and flexibility when it comes to capturing your favorite moments. The remote shutter wirelessly pairs to your phone via Bluetooth® and slides out from the back of the case. Using the remote, you can take pictures and videos without being limited to how you hold your phone. This allows you to get the best angle on your next self-portrait or set up the perfect group photo. Selfy™ gives you the freedom to make every moment picture-perfect, and is compatible with iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5/5s, Samsung Galaxy S5, iPad Mini and iPad Air. You can purchase the Selfy by clicking here and Amazon.       


Put a modern twist on the holidays with the "Ho Ho Ho" mug from the Novogratz Collection. Able to hold up to 17.5 ounces of your favorite hot beverages, this mug features graphic lettering in an array of captivating colors. The mug is dishwasher and microwave safe (will get hot in microwave) made in China. You can purchase your seasonal mug by visiting here.

WWE Super Stars

With the new Brush Buddies WWE Brush Beatz Theme Song Toothbrushes, fans can enjoy brushing their teeth while listening to two different “theme songs” from The Rock, John Cena, Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan.  Both songs will play for two minutes, which is the dentist recommended brushing time. Available at and in-store. MSRP $14.95 you can purchase here or on Amazon.


Bling is a fun toothbrush which has elegant gems, that lock securely into the brush handle, using a glueless patent-pending ultrasonic process. Brush head features advance dual-action soft bristles on front and tongue and check cleaner on back. The easy-to-hold handle is designed for right and left-handed brushers and the gems in the brush provide a slip-resistant grip making brushing easy and glamorous! Available in multiple colors. Available at and in-store. MSRP $14.95

Thames & Kosmos

Cosmic Colors is a fun way to Create a colorful stained-glass planet and comet with translucent gels and black foam outlines. Learn how the primary colors mix to form more colors. You can purchase on Amazon


Calphalon makes some really great products which would make for a great stocking stuffer/add on gift. Like these two sets of two! The first set is a Calphalon Nylon Utensils 2-pc. Egg and Omelette Set which includes: 
  • Omelette Turner 
    Whisking Fork
  • Designed for perfect eggs, this 2-pc. set includes two versatile utensils. The omelette turner is contoured for easy lifting of delicate foods, and the whisking fork has beaded tines for fluffy eggs.
  • Crafted with heat-resistant soft-touch silicone accents, these utensils give you a perfect balance of comfort and control.
  • BPA free.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Full lifetime warranty.
  • Heat resistant to 400°F / 204°C.
  • Keywords: kitchen utensil, spatula, plastic, nonstick-safe, baking accessories, omelette turner, whisking fork
  • Won't scratch nonstick cookware. 
You can purchase it by clicking here, the second set is Calphalon Nylon Utensils 2-pc. Small Slotted Spoon and Turner Set which includes:
  • Solid Turner 
    Slotted Spoon
  • Uniquely designed spoon and turner features corners with different shapes, allowing utensils to reach into the edge of almost any size pan. Spoon has flat edge to scrape the bottom of the pan, essential for making sauces, eggs and more. Slotted design ideal for draining liquids or fats away from food. Turner is designed with a unique serrated edge to cut food, plus low-profile head is angled to slide under food for easy turning.
  • Crafted with heat-resistant soft-touch silicone accents, these utensils give you a perfect balance of comfort and control.
  • BPA free.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Full lifetime warranty.
  • Heat resistant to 400°F / 204°C.
  • Keywords: kitchen utensil, plastic spatula, nonstick-safe
  • Won't scratch nonstick cookware.
You can purchase this set here. Check out all the great products from Calphalon this holiday season, by visiting their site here

TDC Games

Makin' Bacon 100% Daily requirement of family fun.-Roll the dice to make combinations, keep rolling to add to your score, but roll too much and lose everything.-Roll a Makin' Bacon to get a big score.-For 2 to 6 players age 8 to adult. A delicious new dice game. Roll the dice to make combinations. Keep rolling to add to your score, but, roll too much and lose everything. Roll a MAKIN BACON to get a big score. Contains 6 dice, score sheets and easy instructions. You can purchase the game online, at select retail stores and on Amazon.

How about the World's Smallest Jigsaw Puzzles for your stocking? These puzzles are super cute and super tiny! Size: 4x6 Inch. This puzzle has the smallest pieces ever to be die-cut! Design: White Christmas by Jennifer Lambien. Features 234 pieces.  Tweezers are included to help you with this ultimate puzzle challenge.  Good Luck! "Santa's Best Friend" Ages 8+ Pick up yours today by clicking here.

Dirty Minds: If you're the type of person who hates it when someone reads something dirty into everything you say, Dirty Minds is the card game for you! The dirtier a mind you have, the worse you will be at playing because all the answers are clean! Dirty Minds Card Game will provide two or more adults with hours of laughter as seemingly filthy clues point toward the most innocent of answers! Appropriate for Ages 17+  You can purchase online or on Amazon.

Campbell's Alphabet Dice: An award winning concept in anagram crossword games is a partnership with one of the world's most established brands. Warm up your evening with a satisfying, yet simple, anagram word game for the whole family to enjoy. Just throw the dice and spell. When you're stumped, everyone just rolls again. This is not just another alphabet word game. It's M'm M'm Good! For 2 to 6 players, ages 8 to adult. You can purchase at select retail locations, online and on Amazon.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post to help facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I was not influenced in any way. Please contact with any questions.

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