Friday, December 5, 2014

Monster 500 Playset

My son Joshua is 6 and is totally into cars and action figures as well as zombies. Monster 500 is a combination of everything he loves.

The Monster 500 has many sets and pieces which you can collect to have the ultimate race! Start building your skills with the free Monster 500 app which you can get for most mobile devices. Now that you mastered the app why not start collecting the set.

One of the bigger sets of the Monster 500 is the Toxic Terror Trap. The Toxic Terror Trap is a race course which has your monsters speeding through walls, shooting through goblins mouths and possibly being eaten by a mutated alligator! Each set comes with trading cards which have a special code to unlock more surprises on the Monster 500 app. So really with this set your getting 3 games in one!

The Graveyard Gauntlet is a really great set up that has  a C-clamp that connects to any high flat service like a kitchen table, from there the track is placed for a total of 8 feet! That's a whole lotta track! From the top your child places their monster racer and their off, but watch out for the swinging skull at Pendulum Point, it can knock you off the track. Once the monster racers have reached the finish line the eyes pop out of the skull, flag comes down and your the winner.

Kids not old enough yet for crazy racetrack building? Don't worry you can collect the bigger Monster 500 racers. These stylish racers have it all going for them, with creepy lights and sounds to really make a statement. I love how they have clever names like this one for example CrocPot ( because its a crocodile in a potty : ) lol ) the croc growls when you flush the toilet as well as the toilet lights up!

Now like all racetracks your gonna want more to enjoy, I mean you can't have one racer or its just not a race. The Monster 500 has a whole line of racers which you can collect. Joshua got Turbo Chainsaw Maverick which is a man with a chainsaw and mask.

All Monster 500 products come with one or more trading cards so you can continue to unlock the fun on the Monster 500 app. You can learn more about Monster 500 by visiting their social sites: Facebook, Twitter and finally their website You can purchase Monster 500 at your local retail store.

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