Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Jackpot Candles are the way to go! #Giveaway

The newest craze is rings in candles I have seen a few sites which do this but one contacted me called Jackpot Candles. Now what I love about the company is well a lot of things:

First they are a family owned company which almost always means they care about the product on which you receive because they want you to feel as family and keep coming back.

Second the candles are 100% soy and produced in Buffalo NY. Who doesn't love soy I find they burn better and last longer.

Third inside each candle is a piece of jewelry which is valued at $15-$5,000. Now here is what is my favorite part. I have done the ring candles and well because we are not all the same most of the rings although pretty just don't fit so its like whooo nice but yeah now what. Jackpot Candles lets me pick what surprise I will get in my candle. What? Yeah you heard me you can choose from a ring, earrings or necklace! So now you can't go wrong! Also though they actually took the time to figure out a way everyone wins with the selection of ring size! So you can now really get something that will fit!

When asked, I selected a necklace pina-colada candle. I am a HUGE fan of coconut I absolutely love the smell. Within a few days my candle was here! I was excited and waited til night to light it up so I could enjoy the fragrance. It filled my room and it was just enough of a scent that it didn't take over the home. I let the candle burn until it couldn't anymore it lasted me a full 3 days and my treasure showed up about the end of day 2 which it was wrapped in tin foil in a baggy which was easy to retrieve with a fork. I was happy when I unwrapped my piece it was a cute sliver necklace with 2 jewel beads on the end. A simple piece which could go with about everything. 

Along with the candles Jackpot Candles also has tarts, which yeah okay whoo it has tarts but they actually placed a jewelry piece in it as well! So everyone truly wins. So what about pricing well a Tart goes for $15.95 and a 16oz candle for $24.95, not bad that in each one your getting a little something at least worth $15 : )  At the end of your experience you can enter the code which is on your piece of jewelry to see how much its worth using their appraisal link. 

So all this talk about winning and why not get a chance to win your own? My readers will have a chance to win a Sweet Pea Jackpot Candle with Earrings inside. Must be a U.S. resident. Enter below for your chance to win. Contest will end March 18th, 2015. 

Jackpot Candle

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