Tuesday, February 10, 2015

So I....................

Another rant ish:

So I have decided to remove my kids from school and try out homeschooling for the last semester of the school year. Wow!

I removed my kids and slowly informed the family that I had done so, their reactions were beyond messed up, mostly because its none of their business : ) my kids my actions.

When my husband and in-laws found out you would had thought someone died. It was silence with almost tears like omg you f--- your kids! Then from my dad it was shock but out of everyone I guess he took it well, he actually had-has faith I can do this and that I will do this. My mother and sister in law went all crazy yelling like as if it was their kids I removed. But whatever again this was my choice..... why did I decide to make this decision?

I had many reasons for pulling out my kids which only I was seeing and aware of the extent of how things were. My kids were miserable! My oldest son started to have animosity and anxiety over going to school began  to cry every morning and sometimes even shake he would come home and sit in a blank stare with a extent of worn out expressed on his face, followed with the fact that he would have about 4-5 pages of homework he is only in 4th grade. This made things hard when getting everyone out the door, he brought his report card home and had okay grades but he went from A-B's to C-D's.

Next was my middle child he is well kinda the class clown and has a really hard time sitting down and focusing on subjects. He barely seems to know his ABC's and 123's he is 9! He should be in 4th grade this year, he is in 3rd but knows nothing, NOTHING! He gets bullied by other classmates for not being "smart". He has low self esteem because he feels he is stupid, dumb, etc. He is not stupid he is a very smart little boy and kind. He has a huge heart and knows everything and anything almost about animals. I know its not fair for the school to have to pay more attention to him but that sadly is what he needs he needs one on one. He has been seen by a "doctor" before and was diagnosed with ADHD but it was me given a paper and then here are some pills bye, he was never actually seen by the "doctor".  I have tried to get him looked at but all I get from the "doctors" is the runaround :( So I did this mostly for him he had brought home a progress report and had all F's except in Social studies and science he had a A and B in them he brings home his report card all F's. Because of his age and the fact that he already has been held back he would still pass what does that do for him???

My youngest who is 6 was in kindergarten he was doing fine. Last year though he was also in kindergarten for a half a school year, he would run out into traffic chasing my car when he was dropped off he was just not old enough to enjoy school. But this year has been doing great was passing everything except PE which blows my mind cause the child loves to be outside lol. Oh well.

I got to thinking after their last reports cards why I wanted them in school anyhow, besides the fact that your child must be in school at the age of 6, my reasons were that they would develop social skills and well on my end to be selfish free baby sitting service alone time for myself. Seriously these were my reasons that I went with public school.

So what happened? Well okay so the social part, kids are aloud to talk quietly at lunch which is a straight table with kids all on one side of the table so you only have the child next to you on your left or right to talk to along with the fact that its a 30 mins lunch which seems that 15 minutes of the 30 is you getting your food, so you only get to know 2 people for 15 mins a day whooo!!! How is that being social? How can you make friends?  Only kindergarten gets recess, which is not daily. So another question when are kids aloud to be kids? How can they lose weight and be active sitting at a desk for hours on end listening to a teacher even worse now a days a freaking computer?!?!

Next I am a stay at home mom I happen to be lucky and have a job which allows for me to choose my hours so I am able to stay home and home school my kids. I know not all of us have this option. After seeing my middle son break down and cry himself to sleep over the bullies at school I was over it from that point on I began to really rethink my choice of having them in school.

I also decided to do this now because of the fact its the last semester of the school year so if I am able to do this now is a good of chance then any. I am able to get a feel for it and see how well they handle being at home and doing work. I am able to see how having them with me 24-7 will affect myself and them. I am looking forward to doing this because I think we all will learn something. Already I have seen a improvement on how they behave and listen. They also go to sleep earlier then they did while in school. I look forward to what is to come. I will try and share my experience with you all while I go through this journey with my kids. Because I know I am not alone in wondering how hard is home schooling? and what ifs?

Thanks for reading, : )

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