Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Softsoap Limited Edition Body Wash

My kids love to use my stuff and especially my bath products, which normally are used to make bubbles. Lucky for me Softsoap has great scents, works wonders and is inexpensive. So I was excited to see that Softsoap came out with 3 new limited edition body washes. 

Softsoap® brand  Parisian Escape
Moisturize your skin while you retreat to the French countryside with the fresh scent of citrus and pear blossom leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Softsoap® brand  Riviera Renewal
Let your senses dance in the French Riviera with the fresh scent of delicate jasmine and blossom, while the moisturizing formula hydrates your skins leaving it silky smooth.

Softsoap® brand French Macaron
Wrap yourself in the sweet scent of French vanilla and coconut while the moisture-rich formula leaves your skins feeling hydrated and smooth.

My personal favorite is the French Macaron, it smells so good you almost wanna eat it. With younger kids always in my stuff its nice to know that even though I am not happy they are making bubbles with my bath wash that they come out smelling great and are really clean. You can find the new scents in your local drug and retail stores, but remember its for a limited time so hurry up : ) 

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