Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Keep Safe with Street Smarts for the Holiday Trash

During the holiday weekend you may have bought yourself or family members big ticket items such as TV’s, computers, or video game systems. Once the big day arrives and everyone has opened their presents, don’t put your empty boxes on the curb with your regular garbage collection. Bail2GO Bail Bonds wants you to know that burglars love to scan the trash in neighborhoods and see what new goodies people have added to their homes. Those big boxes set at your curb for TV’s, electronics and other great gifts allow burglars to better target your home. Bail2GO Bail Bonds offers tips on how to dispose of those big item boxes without tipping off the burglars:
•Take the boxes to the dump and dispose of them there or recycle them
•Cut the boxes up into smaller pieces and hide the pieces in other containers or put the pieces into black trash bags
•Make sure to destroy the packing foam also. Quite a bit of packing foam reveals the shape and size of an item which can lead a burglar to an educated guess that you received the newest electronic, TV or gaming system
•Either save your receipts or make sure to destroy them. Some thieves will pick through trash to discover receipts of what you have bought.. HAPPY HOLIDAYS

Thursday, December 3, 2015

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