Monday, February 15, 2016

Stupid Bluebird American Express Card!!!!! Beep American Express Computers!

Okay so I got my tax refund, and I had it placed on American Express Bluebird account under my husbands name because I supposedly had a account with them, and I had got this card about 2 years ago when Walmart was doing the double rewards if you had the account.

So anyhow I went closed all bank account because I was sick of them and there games and over all the bs I rather be denied to buy something by a penny then get a overdraft charge of $35 for going over that f---ing penny!

Sense I already had bluebird with Amex I figured okay can make a family account and add myself to the account, so I called had to close my supposed account and then was able to set myself as being part of a FAMILY ACCOUNT!

SO people who decide to read my rant, what the hell do you think a FAMILY account is??????? You would think that it means you can transfer money to and from and no charges etc because its basically a joint account right?!?!?! Okay well this is what I figured. Soooooooooooo I get my f-ing tax return so I have a nice amount of money in my husbands account. Anyhow I transfer it all to my account because I wanna pay bills but then think oh well maybe he is the only one who has the bank account, so I transfer it all back to his card. Okay no issues I am not spending anything and nothing is being taken out.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO I Go to use my f-ing card and its DENIED mind you in my account is a few hundred, so I call Amex, they proceed to tell me that I have spent over 19k this month and my cut off is 15k so I can no longer use my money in either account his or mine!!!! I cannot access my MY f-ing money until March!!! Because I somehow spent yes SPENT 19k!!!! So I was like how the f---!!! did I spend 19k?!?!?!
Turns out me transferring money back and forth in a f-ing FAMILY account is SPENDING money!!!!! Are you fu-ing kidding me!??!?!?!?

Who has ever heard of such a thing and thanks to technology they can't do shit, because the computer says I have spent my limit and they cannot reverse it!!! So wow I can't pay bills at all because all my f---ing money is tied up because I transferred money! AWESOME way to f--ing go Amex!!!

Note to @AMEX change your shit before you have a class action lawsuit how f---ing messed up! Don't call it a f---ing family account if you can't use it as such!

End rant!

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