Monday, February 15, 2016


I am really not enjoying the new year so far, my kids have been sick and it seems like we are all starting a round 2 of whatever is going around because the lovely weather here in FL is bipolar. Today its cold out with wind which makes it feel like 50 which yeah not cold but cold for FL, then tomorrow it will be 90 feeling like 95-100 its wonderful! NOT!!!!

My lovely youngest has been using her vocabulary her favorite word is Damn It! which yeah, makes me look at self and think wow I seriously need to work on that. Which ahhh cussing, why is it I do it like a sailor when around some and then others not a word comes out of me????? why can't I never say it at all??? Gotta love the human mind and body, we really are some interesting species.

Lets see oh I have a dog, and he a puppy right now, which is like having a toddler in the house, he pees in a few spots which for awhile he was peeing on paper but gave up on that and now pees in the kitchen or tile wherever he feels he has to go he goes. He chews on everything which we have gone through like 3 harnesses and a leash, he has his own toys but wants to chew on those and then also my chairs and wall. My neighbor gave me a spray which is supposed to make him not want to chew on things which you spray it on, so we will see how well that works because this morning before I sent him with the hub I sprayed the crap out of the harness. This is another fun thing, is my dog is almost 7 months and he is to big for the "medium" that they have for a harness and to little for the large! AHHHHHH so he is in the large right now which I hope with the spray he won't chew off. He is a pit, although he looks more like a german shepard. I stress about making him happy and I try to get my kids to annoy him so he is okay if a toddler ever came up to him, because its not the pit ITS NEVER THE DOG its the owners who make bad dogs. But because you only here about pits on the news people think they are this horrible mean dog, which is not the case.

Paige my friend/ who I call sister will be down for what I call our Christmas which is going to the fair, I love the rides and now with no more toddlers I can go on a lot :) exciting. They have this thing called car load night which its $50 for up to 8 people, which includes admission to the fair along with unlimited rides! For me its a HUGE deal I save over $130, easy! Can't wait!

Oh I know what I was gonna say this last weekend, we replaced my shocks, wheel hubs, and ball joints, top and bottom. I helped as my husband did most the work, but lets say if I had to I could so do it now. We also replaced my brakes, which what we couldn't figure out we Youtube, it. I almost always forget that you can google and youtube things, which you can pretty much find anything to fix anything. Which speaking of Youtube, my dishwasher broke, so for a week we were washing dishes, which you could imagine how much that was with a family of 7. So the weekend came and we still hadn't done anything about it, I decided to google it and see if I could find out what it was. My issue with the dishwasher was that the water was not coming out, the thing would turn on run the cycle but no water. Okay so when I googled it, it sent me to youtube, where I found out that they have a floater, and it could be stuck in the up position and guess what I looked and the stupid thing was stuck in the up position so I pushed it down and had water. WTH a whole week of washing dishes and it was that simple of a fix!!!! Don't get me wrong my dishes never looked better and thank god I didn't have to spend money to fix or buy a new dishwasher but wow! So yeah that has been my lovely year so far, along with Paige's son breaking his arm, father in law and a second heart attach and my dad cutting his finger :)

Hope your year is going better and thanks for reading :)

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