Friday, July 1, 2016

What happened to us???

I was born 1983 so I pretty much grew up ( still growing up ) watching our world go through MAJOR changes, like cell phones, computers, internet, etc. I was taught to love and care for others, respect my elders, help those in need, etc. I was able to go outside and play for hours and my parents never worry about me, I could go over to my neighbors house, have sleep overs, hang out with friends at the skate rink, and again etc.

So why are things so different now???? I have my 5 kids and my own husband doesn't want them out in the back ( chain link but still fenced ) yard, unless one of us.......(myself)  is watching them. I can't go to the store and send one to go grab me some items off our list because they could be dragged away. Kids, Teens, walk all over their parents and elders.

Oh and another thing racist and sexist was a issue growing up but it seemed to die majorly, all of kids hung out together no matter if we were white, black, Spanish, Mexican, German, Russian etc, we all were friends. I called a teacher out for being gay when I was in 5th grade (yeah I was a little punk kid) and I got in sooooo much trouble because it was a huge sin back then, and now Disney host Gay Days, and the world is extremely open to same sex relations. Now in my 30's its like someone didn't get the memo that everyone is cool with one another, I am seeing more hate crimes, more racial gangs and its like why?????

I just do not understand why all the sudden there is so much hate, and disrespect. I saw this video and was floored on how sad the human race has become. When you can be so mean and hateful to a child then how does that make you?????  

I hope I can teach my kids to look past the outer appearance and truly see inside someones heart, because at the end of the day that is all that matters.

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