Thursday, December 15, 2016

Holiday Inn Resort Orlando Suites & Waterpark

I am born raised in Kissimmee, FL which is home of Holiday Inn Resort Suites and Waterpark. I have watched the hotel be built back in 1999 and have seen it go full circle. When it was first built it was breathtaking, had a nice home feeling to it, it was where me and my husband had a few dates, it was our home for a week when Charley came through and took out everyone's power. In 2005, Holiday Inn and Nickelodeon teamed up to create a all new themed hotel which they would call the Nickelodeon Suites, the rooms were now themed to popular Nickelodeon characters, along with putting in a huge waterpark which included a bucket of slime which was dumped on everyone every hour. In April 2016, the Nickelodeon theme was no more and Holiday Inn Resort Orlando Suites and Waterpark was reborn.

Going full circle I personally am loving the newest Holiday Inn Resort the colors are more warm feeling with dark blues, light blues and different shades of beige throughout. They did keep some of the fun of the Nickelodeon Resort with the waterpark, nightly shows, and 4D theater! The 4D theater is a total of 6 shows which are about 15-20 minutes in length.

The shows which you can pick from or you can even purchase a unlimited pass for
$7.95 for a single ticket 4-D film or double play Batman Laser Maze
$19.95 for an all you can watch 4-D experience and all you can play Batman Laser Maze wristband

Thomas the Train
Warner Brothers Roadrunner and Wile E Coyote
Angry Birds
Ice Age
and for Christmas the Polar Express! (now through Jan 8th)

My kids and I got to see 4 of the 6 shorts, the Angry Birds starts as the Hasbro Game, then the Angry Birds Go, and finishes with Angry Birds Space. Roadrunner and Wile E Coyote is a fun one which involves a segway. Ice Age was all about nuts, and finally we saw The Polar Express! I don't know about you but this movie has become a must watch during the holiday season and to see it in 4D was truly a experience!  Some of the best scenes from the movie were featured in the 20 minute short, you will be left breathless as you are riding the train as it plummets down the track, get lost in the sweet smell of hot chocolate, be blown away with bubbles and more in the amazing 4D adventure on the Polar Express.

After watching the 4D experience you can run over to hear a interactive reading of the Polar Express each family receives a golden ticket to come aboard the magical journey of the reading of the book, but watch out rumour has it Santa loves the story as well and might just stop by for a picture so you better be good :)

Along with the Polar Express they also have put in Batman Laser Challenge, train with Batman by weaving through a web of lasers to protect the citizens of Gotham City from the Joker.  My 2 oldest sons really enjoyed this activity.  After enjoying a reading of the Polar Express you can swing by Starbucks and get yourself a hot chocolate in the mini mall inside the Holiday Inn Resort Orlando Suites and Waterpark.

What a great way to spend a family vacation then visiting the Holiday Inn Resort Orlando Suites, book your stay now by visiting their website here. Also makes a great gift!

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