Saturday, January 21, 2017

3DLight FX 3D Deco Lights!

When it comes to decorating your child's room you normally look for items in which also have a purpose, along with making your child happy. 3DLight FX 3D Deco Lights that make your child's favorite character pop out of the wall, along with lighting up the room with a soft glow, making for a great night light.

You can choose from popular brands like Hasbro, Marvel, Disney, WB, Nickelodeon, Universal, and Star Wars, on top of these brands, you can also choose from generic like Sports, Nature and Cars/Jets.  Hasbro is home for the My Little Pony's which are my daughters favorite.

So what makes the 3DLight FX 3D Deco Light so different? The lights are in 3D, they are battery operated and use a LED light so your never have to change the bulb. The 3DLight FX 3D Deco Light are easy to put up, since it is battery operated you can place it anywhere! You simple find the spot on which you wish to have it on your wall, drill 2 holes (or nail) so you have something in which your 3D part can hang from. When you first get your 3DLight FX 3D Deco Light you will see that it comes with a giant decal sticker which has the holes pre-marked so you can get perfect placement of your new 3DLight FX 3D Deco Light. What also makes this set up wonderful is like mentioned above it lights using a LED light so it never gets hot, making it safe for a child's room.

When looking through the 3DLight FX 3D Deco Light website, I came across the Nature which has the pink and yellow butterflies, I absolutely love these! They would work in any setting creating a relaxing environment.

3DLight FX 3D Deco Lights make great additions to any room, office, daycare, etc, also they make a great gift. You can check out all the neat designs by visiting 3DLight FX 3D Deco Lights here.

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