Saturday, January 14, 2017

Guardians of Oz New to DVD January 24th, 2017

Almost everyone I would say has probably saw the Wizard of Oz, I know for me personally my parents tell me how when they watched it, that it was amazing because it was when televisions were still in black and white, so when it got to color it was not just a huge scene in the movie but it was a change in history basically. In the movie The Wizard of Oz the main character Dorothy is trying to get home, in the process she comes across 3 fellows, The Cowardly Lion, The Tin Man who has no emotions, and finally the Scarecrow who has no brain. Oz gives each of them the things they seek, The Cowardly Lion is now brave, The Tin Man is now able to feel, and The Scarecrow is extremely smart.  Oh also they had to defeat a evil witch who has flying monkeys, which they defeat her with water. Okay now that your caught up :) the question is what really happened????? And now that the characters have the right stuff did they just go home with a new perspective? 

The all new release Guardians of Oz, which comes to DVD, Digital HD and On Demand January 24, 2017, answers these questions! Something has gone wrong and the once defeated witch has come back even stronger. One of her flying monkeys has decided that enough is enough & goes to seek help from the Kings of Oz which are your favorite characters from The Wizard of Oz. You and your family will once again take a wild journey with the 3 beloved characters from The Wizard of Oz, only now know what really happened! Check out the sneak peak below, along with a description of the all new movie Guardians of Oz. 

Dive into a magical adventure the whole family will enjoy when Guardians of Oz arrives on DVD, Digital HD and On Demand January 24 from Lionsgate. The world of Oz is fantastically recreated with story and character design by Golden Globe®-nominated filmmaker Jorge GutiĆ©rrez (The Book of Life). Starring YouTube sensations @jennxpenn and Mikey Bolts, the classic tale is revamped into delightful animation featuring new characters in an original story. Earning the Dove Foundation’s seal of approval, the Guardians of Oz DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $19.98.

Wicked witch Eviline (Ambyr Childers) tries to steal back the broom that holds her powers, but Ozzy, a kindhearted flying monkey, snags it instead. Hoping to rescue his father, Ozzy joins forces with cheeky young sorceress Gabby. But can they find the Lion, Scarecrow, and Tin Woodman — and lift the enchanted spells Eviline has imprisoned them with? Visionary animator Jorge GutiĆ©rrez (The Book of Life) continues the enchanted saga of Oz in this dazzlingly funny family adventure.

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