Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Children’s Dental Health Month is NOW and National Tooth Fairy Day, is Feb. 28!

I am a horrible parent when it comes to getting my kids to the dentist. Its hard to make appointment and then actually get them there, especially because for me it is never just the one kid. Thanks to Great Expressions Dental Centers I am getting better about making and taking my kids to their dental appointments. 

Great Expressions Dental Centers (GEDC) is kicking off Children’s Dental Health Month (February) by helping parents, like myself and you all,  to stay involved in early dental care for their children.

Did you know that baby teeth serve a number of critical functions, including being involved in speech development? This means taking care of your children’s teeth from the earliest stages is essential to long-term oral health.

In an effort to increase parents involvement in early dental care, GEDC is encouraging parents to take their Tooth Fairy role seriously and make dental care a fun topic for their children. GEDC has put together some tips they would love to share:

          Leave Notes! The Tooth Fairy’s job begins before a tooth even falls out. Share brushing and flossing tips by leaving little notes on the bathroom mirror or send a Tooth Fairy note with lunch to remind your children to floss after their meal.

·         Be fun with it and get creative! Make your children excited about the Tooth Fairy visiting! Try leaving a glitter trail from the window to the bed or leave a fun receipt. Consider leaving something extra special for teeth in good condition to encourage your children to take care of their teeth before they fall out.

·         Encourage healthy eating! Educate your children on healthy foods for their teeth by having the Tooth Fairy leave a sample shopping list and recipes. Take your child to the store and have them help pick out the items to encourage healthy eating habits.

·         Make dentist visits fun! Many young children fear the dentist, but use the Tooth Fairy to ease the fear. Have the Tooth Fairy send them a new toothbrush and toothpaste and practice so they become comfortable before their visit.

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