Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Sipsee the Best Way to Keep Tabs on Your Drink.

I don't know how often I find myself without a cap for a bottle, or a cork for wine, because it has either gone MIA, the dogs got it or my kids ran off with. The Sipsee is a new BPA-free, portable and customizable bottle stopper that fits into your bottles. 

Another issue I face is when at a park, I will pack water bottles for my kids, each kid has their own bottle, but every so often the bottles get mixed. Now although they are my kids, sometimes they could be sick, or just dirty so yeah none of us wanna share a bottle. The Sipsee is the only patented, universal, reusable, fun way to help identify your bottle. 

Because the Sipsee is customizable you can assign a color, sports, company brand, emoji and more. Now that you have a personalised Sipsee stopper, you no longer have to guess if that was your drink which in return keeps from germs being spread as well as tossing out a product which you are not sure of. 

Sipsee also comes with a high-quality portable case and can be attached to a keychain, backpack, etc. for the road. Sipsee is available for $7.95 per unit or $23.95 for a four-pack you can purchase here

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