Sunday, March 12, 2017

Brooklyn Owl Unicorn Horn's

Have you ever dreamed of touching a unicorn? Or love them so much you wish you could be one? Brooklyn Owl has come out with the cutest line of Unicorn Horns.

My daughter's eyes lit up when they saw me open the package which contained two sparkly unicorn horns the one a light pink and the other a darker pink. Right away they were jumping and on me to open them up so they could be unicorns. Even my boys got into the action.

The Unicorn Horns are a soft fabric so they don't hurt or weigh anything when placing on your head. They are a one size fits most, so whether you are a child or adult you too can be apart of the magic!

The girls took them out for a day at the park, you can see they enjoyed showing off :)  You can purchase your own Unicorn Horn from Brooklyn Owl here.

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