Thursday, March 16, 2017

Got Funk? Lose it with Funkaway!

In this house the men out number us girls. I have 3 boys, husband and even the pets are MALES. Well one thing we know is men stink more than us ladies :) So often after a day of work, or play they come home stinking, and they leave this smell in the bathroom, the house, etc. What makes it all worse is it combines with the already pet smell that has its ups and downs depending on how long the dogs are outside. 

Thankfully there is a new product called Funkaway! It is a odor eliminating spray which can be used any place you can think of. Okay so I mostly blame men for making the stink but lets face it us women have our moments as well, which sometimes it can happen at the movies or dinner well any place public. Funkaway comes in a small 3.4 fl. oz bottle so you can keep it within your purse so you always can ward off the funk. Best thing about this product is it kills the funk instead of just combining its scent with that of which we made ourselves. 

You can check out the whole line of products here

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