Saturday, March 11, 2017

New Cat Toys By FroliCat

My cats were born and raised in the wild, the one we got from the junkyard and the other just kinda showed up. So they have always been indoor outdoor cats until our neighbor went crazy and now sadly they are indoor only cats. FroliCat has made it a little more easy for them to be stuck indoors with their two new products the Multi Laser and the Fox Den. 

The Multi Laser, is a toy which stands about 12 inches high and sits on your floor and projects 2 laser lights out the sides and is constantly moving them. The cats are amused and chase the lights, but in my case my dogs who are 10xs the size of my cats also enjoy the toy and stomp all over my cats LOL, so this toy really can be used for both cats and dogs. 

Okay so while my cats were outside they would hunt and omg the birds and other animals they would bring. So what better than a toy which reacts to their natural hunting instinct like the Fox Den. The Fox Den is a fun toy which has a fox like tail which moves in, out, and side to side, kinda acting like a real tail. At first my cat's didn't know what to think, possibly because they were more curious about what this creature was living in. After a few times of the tail hitting them while they were sniffing out the enclosure they starting to take a interest in the actual tail. They now enjoy playing with it on a daily bases. Both toys require 3 AA batteries to operate.  

You can purchase FroliCat on Amazon here and check out the whole line of FroliCat products by visiting FroliCat's website here

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