Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sydney Paige Backpack the ones which give back!

This school year I will have all 5 of my kids in school! One thing I have learned is if you get a cheap backpack you are gonna need another before the end of the year. Sydney Paige are heavy duty cute durable backpack which will last your kid the whole school year.

What makes Sydney Paige super special is that for every backpack you purchase they donate one to a child in need. So not only are you getting a good quality backpack but you're also giving back. Backpacks are not just for kids, anyone who knows me I rather have a backpack any day of the week than a purse. When I was in the baby stage, I never used a diaper bag, sure they are cute but really annoying, always having to open a flap then a zipper and then god knows what else BLAH. Backpacks were the way to go! I could place diapers, clothing, food on the inside along with having bottles, on the outside ready to grab whenever needed. Again for every backpack you purchase from Sydney Paige another is donated to a kid in need. Whether it be for your kids or yourself Sydney Paige is the way to go.

The backpack I received is the Young Explorers/ Taggart Laptop Backpack. This backpack has reflective strips so if outside at night you will be spotted, as one smaller zipper compartment for things like change, or pencils, something you wanna find fast and which is smaller, it is on the front top. Then 2 bigger zipper compartments, 2 bottle carriers on either size, like mentioned above great for water bottles and baby bottles. 6 straps to hold markers or such on the front, also great for those long tube bubble wands. On the inside it is lined with a soft felt, and foam on the inside to protect your laptop/tablet. The straps which go on your shoulders are wide and padded, along with a extra clip which you can place in front of you for better support when carrying your items. I really love this backpack, I took it for a test run at SeaWorld, and had all kinds of snacks, drinks and a change of clothes for the younger ones, and never felt worn out, or sore from carrying it.

You can check out all the great backpacks from Sydney Paige by visiting their website here.

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