Sunday, April 30, 2017

Surprizamals a cute mini surprize plush!

My kids love trying new things and they have been a fan of a certain collection of plush, now they have been introduced to Surprizamals. Surprizamals are cute little plush that come in a small perfectly round ball, you do not know what you will be getting until you open it. So they are blind bags, blind balls :) My daughters each received 3 balls, 3 of series 2 and 3 of series 3.

My daughters had a blast opening the new Surprizamals, Sarah made out with 2 rare and a special edition! Elizabeth ended up with 2 cute sea creatures and a dog which she loves puppies so it worked out really great! They hope to continue to collect the whole set of Surprizamals. You can find Surprizamals at Toysrus, and other retail stores, you can also order them online at Surprizmals website here and on Amazon

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Beaches DVD 5/9/17

The new Beaches is a movie which has been remade because of its wonderful story about 2 women who have a extremely great friendship and show that friends can stick together through whatever the world has to offer. You can buy the newest Beaches DVD at your local Walmart, the film stars Idina Menzel which you may know her from Enchanted and Frozen's Elsa, and Nia Long who has been cast in many television shows as well as Tyler Perry's The Single Mom's Club. 

Relive the powerful story of lifelong friendship in an all-new remake of the classic movie when Beaches arrives on DVD at Walmart on May 9from Lionsgate. Tony Award® winner Idina Menzel and NAACP Image Award Winner Nia Long star as two very different women who share an unexpected friendship that, even with its ups and downs, lasts for decades. This new version of the 1988 film includes performances by Menzel of iconic songs from the original movie such as “Wind Beneath My Wings” and “The Glory of Love,” in addition to Menzel’s new original song, “Last Time.” The Beaches DVD will be available at Walmart for the suggested retail price of $14.98.

In this contemporary remake, Beaches follows the serendipitous meeting of two young girls on the Venice Beach Boardwalk, who, though worlds apart in lifestyle, embark on an unexpected and lifelong friendship. CC (Idina Menzel) is an aspiring singer trying to make it in Los Angeles when she is discovered by a director who gives her her first big shot. Hillary (Nia Long), the daughter of a prominent civil rights lawyer, struggles to find her own destiny. Their friendship — even with its ups and downs — sustains them for decades. Gabriella Pizzolo, Grace Capeless, Jodi Capeless, Sanai Victoria, and Antonio Cupo costar.

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Friday, April 28, 2017

Teacher Appreciation Week / Last Day of School Gifts!

With Teacher Appreciation Week around the corner, the team at Go Teach!, the online teaching community from the makers of classroom favorites like EXPO®, Paper Mate®, Sharpie®, Elmer’s® and PrismaColor® have put together thoughts on useful gift ideas kids can bring to school to thank their favorite teachers.

1.) Bouquet of EXPO® Markers For a teacher that’s made a mark on a student’s life - use a ribbon to wrap EXPO Dry Erase Markers with Ink Indicator to create a colorful bouquet. With its clear ink barrel, teachers can now see exactly how much ink is remaining in the markers, making them an easy teacher win.

2.) Elmer’s and Paper Mate® InkJoy® Pens Flowers and Free Handwriting Lesson Plans What’s a better gift than a free handwriting lesson plan? Write Your Future, an organization out of the UK affiliated with Paper Mate offers free downloadable writing lessons for kids. Pair it with a flowers like the below using Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens and Elmer's Glue. With 14 brilliant colors to choose from- it’s like a party on the page where smudges aren’t invited!

3.) Sharpie® Pens and Case A favorite among teachers, along with new Sharpie Art Pens with fine tips to deliver precise writing that won’t bleed through paper, give teachers a fancy new case to keep their pens organized.

All these great products make great gifts for the last day of school as well as great items to have around your own home. I know my kids and I plan on doing the rock painting only instead of paint we will be using the Sharpie markers to decorate less mess and last for months when not using unlike paint which dries up. You can find all these products at your local retail store.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Alpha and Omega Journey to Bear Kingdom new to DVD on 5/9/17

My kids have enjoyed this series from the very beginning when it was just Alpha and Omega back in 2010. Who knew it would blow up to the many movies it has become. The newest of which is Alpha and Omega Journey to Bear Kingdom, which will be released May 9th, 2017.  Here is a clip from the all new movie as well as more information about the newest film below: 

Get ready for an all-new animated adventure when the family film Alpha and Omega: Journey to Bear Kingdom arrives on DVD, Digital HD and On Demand May 9 from Lionsgate. The wolf pups Stinky, Claudette, and Runt must defend Bear Kingdom’s royalty and their forest home from the evil Rogue Wolves. With over three million DVDs of the animated series sold worldwide, the Alpha and Omega: Journey to Bear Kingdom DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $14.98.

The pack is back in a pawsitively thrilling adventure the whole family will love! All the animals in the Eastern Forest are excited because Queen Bear and Princess Canue are coming to visit. But when evil Rogue Wolves threaten the royal bears, wolf pups Stinky, Runt, and Claudette leap into action. With courage, wits, and plenty of help from their wild and wonderful friends, the alpha and omega wolves rise to protect the queen and princess and save their forest home.

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Helio, a new way of teaching and learning!

My second oldest struggles to read and write. He learns best by seeing the word with visual aids. Helio is a great product for my son and helps strengthen my other children's skills as well.

Helio is a extremely wonderful teaching tool. How it works, is basically it is a nightlight which projects images along with the words onto the ceiling of your home. The child can then lay in bed and look at the images which again have the words for each image so after awhile your child will recognize the word with the image! It also helps bring the family together, by your child being interested in the pictures they might not already know, like for instants the planets they all look the same with the exception of saturn but they are all round, so how would my kid know which is earth, mars, venus, etc? Well this is where I come in, I get to lay beside my child and as they point to different planets I can read the name, with the repetition process my kids are picking up these words fairly quickly. I also love that now they all are asking for more, which with Helio you can purchase different sets so your child can even learn sight words which are advanced for their age.

The fact that Helio is a nice low light making it like a nightlight helps to relax the child and what better way to fall asleep then by learning new words, and dreaming of the new discoveries you have made. The Helio comes in 5 colors, blue, yellow, green, orange, pink and a lighter blue. Helio is a great teaching tool which can be used at home, at school and on the go. It's is smaller and lightweight making for easy travel, it also has a power cord so if your like me and hate batteries you don't have to worry it can do both. Also the Helio has a digital clock so your child can also learn to tell time!

You can purchase the Helio at their website here and on Amazon.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

New Cesar Dry Gourmet Dog Food!

Along with a house full of kids I have a bunch of pets, so I am always looking for new healthier foods to feed them to keep them from a vet visit. Cesar has come out with a whole new line of Dry gourmet dog food.

Gator and Bosco, my dogs were excited when I opened up a new 5lb bag of Cesar Filet Mignon Flavor With Spring Vegetables Dry Dog Food. Right away my dogs were like forget this other stuff we want! While the dogs were in the kitchen chowing down on their new dog food, my cats got a whiff. So I poured a small bowl for my cats and they really enjoyed it as well, the best part is the Cesar dog food is small so really any size dog or cat can enjoy.

I got this video of my dog trying to sneak the rest of the food from the bag before it went to the trash. You can find the whole line of Cesar Dry Gourmet dog food in your local retail, pet food store, and grocery stores. Check out Cesar's website here.

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Get a head start with this deal from I Can Read!

My kids never went to preschool and because of it I feel they are behind, don't let this happen to your child. Be ready, here to help is a great offer from I can read! Get a head start and get your kids into reading.

Captain Morgan's Newest......LocoNut!

My drink of choice is either a fruity drink or rum, I especially love coconut rum! Captain Morgan came out with a new shot drink called LocoNut. LocoNut is an insanely delicious shot made with Caribbean rum, coconut liqueur, spice and natural flavors. 

After blasting into the shots category with Captain Morgan Cannon Blast, Captain Morgan LocoNut is shaking things up with its new coconut-flavored shot which comes in a coconut shaped bottle, smells like a coconut and yeah, you guessed it, tastes like a coconut. It’s the perfect shot to enjoy responsibly with friends, co-workers, bro-conuts, fun in-laws, very friendly strangers and of course, coconut lovers over the age of 21. 

Though it is best enjoyed as a chilled shot, Captain Morgan LocoNut can also be served in a tropical cocktail or mixed shot. If sipping the sweet taste of coconut is more your style, try the Loco & Coco or the Captain & Loco: 

Loco & Coco 3 oz. Captain Morgan LocoNut Coconut Shot 4 oz. Coconut Water Directions: Combine 
Captain Morgan LocoNut with coconut water and serve over ice. 

Captain & Loco 2 oz. 
Captain Morgan LocoNut Coconut Shot 0.5 oz. Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum Directions: Combine Captain Morgan LocoNut and Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum and serve over ice.

I personally enjoy it straight but sometimes, I add it to my coffee giving me that extra kick I need to get things going in the morning :) LocoNut (40 proof, 20% ABV) has a suggested retail price of $14.99 for a 750 ml bottle, and it’s coming to a store (and a beach) near you. And, just when you thought this shot couldn’t get any more loco, Captain Morgan LocoNut is gluten-free! 

Check out some of my other reviews of Captain Morgan products like my other all time favorite until today Captain Morgan's Black Rum.
Jack O'Blast
White Rum
1671 Commemorative Blend Spice Rum 
Cannon Blast 
Grapefruit, Coconut, and Pineapple Rum 

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

What Tobacco Does to the Teeth and Mouth!

As the weather warms up, young athletes everywhere are getting ready for summer sports to kick off. This season, Great Expressions Dental Centers (GEDC) is bringing awareness to facial protection and oral cancer awareness month (April) by providing you with tips to share with the athletes in your life before they hit the field, so you won’t get hit with a large dental bill.

A recent study found that more than 5 million teeth are injured and/or knocked out each year resulting in nearly 500 million dollars spent on replacing teeth. It has also been reported that nearly 12 percent of high school boys admitted to using chewing tobacco. This means spreading awareness of the harms of chewing tobacco and investing in the right facial and mouth protection is essential for your athlete.

Here are some Myths and Facts in which people often get confused on when it comes to tobacco. 

MYTH: Chewing tobacco is better for you than inhaling tobacco.
FACT: There are at least 28 chemicals in chewing tobacco that have been found to cause cancer, that include types like oral, pancreatic and esophageal.

MYTH: Dental injuries only occur in contact sports, so I don’t need a mouth guard if I’m playing a non-contact sport.
FACT: Sports-related injuries often end up in the emergency room and according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, more than 600,000 of these visits involve damage to the teeth and mouth – in sports including baseball, acrobatics and bicycling.

MYTH: They only way to prevent oral injuries in sports is wearing a mouth guard.
FACT: While wearing a mouth guard is one effective way to prevent oral injuries in sports, there are also face cages, these protect against trauma to the face. Be sure to do research on the best protective gear before your son or daughter steps on the field.

MYTH: Once a tooth gets knocked out, there isn’t much a dentist can do to repair it.
FACT: Should a tooth get knocked out while playing a sport, or doing anything else, it can be repaired if handled correctly. The sooner you can get to your dentist’s office, the better. Knocked-out teeth with the highest chances of being saved are those that are seen by a dentist and returned to their socket within an hour of the injury.

FACT: Injuries in sports are sometimes inevitable. Be sure to do ample research on which sport your son and/or daughter are interested in before they take the field. This will help educate you as a parent on how to best equip them, preventing injuries to their smile, but also any type of injury to their body.

Hopefully you can help prevent or have a new awareness to what is going on when you decide to use tobacco. I know the friends and family always though oh well I am not gonna..........until it was too late. Some of my friends are younger like in their late 20's and already have dentures thanks to smoking or chewing. They, I guess are the lucky ones, others face Oral Cancer which can become deadly if not found and treated in time. 

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Crescent 16 oz Fiberglass Rip Claw Hammer

One thing every home needs is a hammer, you never realize how often you might need one until you do not have one. The new Crescent 16 oz Fiberglass Rip Hammer is the perfect must have for any toolbox. 

The Crescent 16 oz. Fiberglass Rip Hammer is great for use on jobs where ripping out nails is necessary. Its head, bell, striking face, back and sides are polished for durability, and its rip claws are ideal for pulling nails. The fiberglass handle is covered with a molded nylon jacket to resist overstrike breakage, and the hammer is factory balanced for more control and striking power.
  • Designed for use where pulling nails is necessary
  • Metal head on a fiberglass handle
  • Enlarged base for butting materials
  • Head, bell, striking face, back and sides are polished for durability
  • Rip claws are designed to pull nails efficiently
  • Fiberglass handle is virtually unbreakable
  • Handle is covered with a molded nylon jacket to increase grip and comfort
  • Permabond construction between the head and handle
  • Hammer is factory balanced for control and power

The Crescent Fiberglass Rip Hammer comes in both a 16 oz, great for your everyday jobs and a 20 oz for framing, as in building of walls, and in my husbands case, building the kids a swingset. You can purchase the new Crescent Fiberglass Rip Hammer at your local Home Depot or on Amazon here.   

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New Ritz Crisp and Thins, Unlike Anything Out There!

Ritz Crackers are well known in this family and one of our favorites is the Bacon flavored. I love crushing them up in meatloaf instead of using oats. Ritz now came up with new Ritz Crisp and Thins ! They are unlike anything you have had before. The new Ritz Crisp and Thins are oven baked not fried and come in 4 flavors.

RITZ Crisp & Thins is now available in four delicious varieties: 

  • Sea Salt
  • Cream Cheese & Onion
  • Bacon 
  • Salt & Vinegar
The offering, which first saw success in the United Kingdom, responds to consumer demand of better-for-you chip options with spectacular flavor. RITZ Crisp & Thins combines potatoes and wheat, rolled thin and oven baked for extra airiness and crunch, with 50 percent less fat than the leading regular fried potato chips. This crispy snack and delicious new taste is for all those who appreciate the little things that make life rich.

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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hi-Chews Spring Mix for Easter

Living in FL you probably have had a chance to go to Disney, one of my favorite parks is Epcot. I enjoyed Epcot because it had plenty of verity and with a sweet tooth I always had to stop in at Japan and get some candy! One of my favorites from the many I tried were the Hi-Chews. Hi-Chews are a soft candy which you can suck on for a while or can chew up quickly, they do not stick to the teeth like some chewy candies. 

This year Hi-Chews came out with the new Spring Mix bag is filled to  brim with classic flavors Hi-Chew fans constantly crush on. Made with real fruit juices and purees, the sensational chews reveal vibrant juicy flavors and classic pastel colors, perfect for Easter-themed eats and décor.  Whether you're looking to decorate baked goods, fill Easter eggs for family egg hunts, or simply bulk up your children's baskets, the Spring Mix bag is a simple and delicious way to surprise and delight the ones you love.

  • Strawberry: The sweet, satisfying flavor of your favorite summer fruit. One piece of Strawberry Hi-Chew will have you dreaming of strawberry fields.
  • Mango: Tropical flavor taken to the max! Mango Hi-Chew will transport your taste buds to your favorite island oasis.
  • Green Apple: Just tart and sweet enough to make your mouth pucker. The big, bold flavor of Green Apple is like biting into a juicy Granny Smith apple.
I really enjoy the Hi-Chews and it was nice to have them once again. If you would like to try them you can find them in  your local Walgreens or Walmart, flavors may vary. They make a great Easter egg stuffer also! Check out other fun flavors on Amazon

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas! 2017! #Giveaway!

Beauty and the Beast CD

The story and characters audiences know and love come to spectacular life in the live-action adaptation of Disney's animated classic Beauty and the Beast, a stunning, cinematic event celebrating one of the most beloved tales ever told. Beauty and the Beast is the fantastic journey of Belle, a bright, beautiful and independent young woman who is taken prisoner by a Beast in his castle. Despite her fears, she befriends the castle's enchanted staff and learns to look beyond the Beast's hideous exterior and realize the kind heart of the true Prince within. The film stars: Emma Watson as Belle; Dan Stevens as the Beast; Luke Evans as Gaston, the handsome, but shallow villager who woos Belle; Kevin Kline as Maurice, Belle s father; Josh Gad as Le Fou, Gaston s long-suffering aide-de-camp; Ewan McGregor as Lumière, the candelabra; Stanley Tucci as Maestro Cadenza, the harpsichord; Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Plumette, the feather duster; Audra McDonald as Madame De Garderobe, the wardrobe; Hattie Morahan as the enchantress; and Nathan Mack as Chip, the teacup; with Ian McKellen as Cogsworth, the mantel clock; and Emma Thompson as the teapot, Mrs. Potts. 

Directed by Bill Condon based on the 1991 animated film, Beauty and the Beast is written by Evan Spiliotopoulos and Stephen Chbosky and Bill Condon and produced by Mandeville Films' David Hoberman, p.g.a. and Todd Lieberman, p.g.a. with Jeffrey Silver, Thomas Schumacher and Don Hahn serving as executive producers. Alan Menken, who won two Academy Awards® (Best Original Score and Best Song) for the animated film, provides the score, which includes new recordings of the original songs written by Menken and Howard Ashman, as well as three new songs written by Menken and Tim Rice. Beauty and the Beast will be released in U.S. theaters on March 17, 2017. 

The Beauty and the Beast soundtrack will be on sale for $7.99 starting May 12th through May18th.

Visit the “Moms” playlist on the Disney curator profile on Apple Music:! M .  

Enter to win! 

Go Organically Fruit Snacks 

With Mother's Day right around the corner, show the moms in your life some love by entering them in the Go Organically Momination Sweepstakes! Whether it be your mom, grandma, friend or neighbor, you can enter ANY great mom by sharing what makes them so special.
To enter:
  • Simply visit, and share what makes the mom you are entering so special. The description will automatically enter you AND the "mominee" for a chance to win the first two tier prizes. To enter for the grand prize, you must upload a photo in addition to sharing what makes your "mominee" so special.
  • Grand Prize: $500 Visa gift card and 3 boxes of Go Organically Fruit Snacks
  • Runners Up: A bouquet of flowers and 3 boxes of Go Organically Fruit Snacks
  • Giveaways: 1 box of Go Organically Fruit Snacks

Dove Beauty Bars

What a better gift for mother's day then the gift of a relaxing shower or bath, and why not compliment it with Dove Beauty Bars. Which help mom looking soft, smooth and radiant. With ¼ moisturizing cream, it goes beyond cleansing, nourishing as it washes away the day… The secret to beautiful skin is moisture, and no other bar hydrates skin better than Dove. That’s because Dove isn’t a soap, it’s a Beauty Bar. While ordinary soaps can strip skin of essential nutrients, Dove Beauty Bar has mild cleansers to care for skin as it cleans. With our ¼ moisturizing cream, Dove Beauty Bar leaves your face and body feeling soft, smooth, and more radiant than ordinary soap. You can see why we call it a Beauty Bar. You might be a fan of the Dove White Beauty Bar, but with so many to choose from, why not try them all? Give mom the Dove Beauty Bar to suit any need. Our Sensitive Skin Unscented Bar is perfect for skin that’s easily irritated. For a touch of pampering, choose our Purely Pampering Beauty Cream Bar with Shea Butter and Warm Vanilla Scent. Or reveal fresh, glowing new skin with our Gentle Exfoliating Beauty Bar. My personal favorite is the Shea Butter I love the smell and how I feel afterwards. You can purchase Dove Beauty Bars at your local retail store. Check out all of Dove's products by visiting their website here


Mom's have enough to worry about day to day so this year why not get her FACE IN A CASE It's Beauty for the Busy. This new magnetic makeup organizer doubles as a stylish clutch in a way that truly makes beauty simple. FACE IN A CASE® makeup clutch is the essential accessory for today's active, smart and stylish woman. Simplify and organize makeup, cash, credit cards and phone in one sleek clutch. It’s flexible and compact. Great for on-the-go. This magnetic clutch holds our coordinated makeup palettes. Choose the FACE IN A CASE® Makeup Palette you desire. I love that FACE IN A CASE is Vegan, Cruelty Free meaning it was not tested on animals. You can keep cards, money and your phone in one part of the case, and your makeup fits right into the other. Just choose the color palette which works best for your mom and she will be set, and always ready for a night out. You can purchase FACE IN A CASE here

At Home

I know I enjoy adding new things to my house, like a rug, lamps, bedding, and more. You can find all these things at At Home. Give your mom the gift of creativity. At Home is a "big box" retail chain specializing in home decor products, based in Plano, Texas. The specialty retailer's stores each carry over 50,000 unique items across broad product categories, giving mom a huge selection of fun goodies to place in her home. You can find your local At Home by clicking here. Right now they have 2 new candles Tropical Waters and Fresh Blossoms designs and fragrances for $7.99 with 100 percent of proceeds going directly to Habitat for Humanity, making it the perfect gift that gives back. Candles are available in-store from March 30-April 30 while supplies last. 

Bonne Maman Preserves

Bonne Maman is known around the world for its premium preserves, all made with four simple, natural ingredients that can be found in your kitchen. But, this pantry staple may surprise you. This Mother’s Day, preserves are for more than just toast. The brand’s 12 flavors of preserves can be used in a wide variety of ways to make Mom feel loved this May. Below are a few fun ideas for under $5: 

Mother’s Day Brunch - How about breakfast in bed or a picnic in the park?
Dress up simple greek yogurt with a dollop of preserves, and serve inside reusable Bonne Maman jars. Sweets & Desserts - Bake a delicious cherry chocolate pudding using Bonne Maman Cherry Preserves. Serve in a heart shaped mini cocotte from Le Creuset for an added treat.
Make Your Own Gift - Make something truly meaningful by reusing the Bonne Maman jar. Homemade cookies pack perfectly in the jar, and can be personalized with a custom tag.

Check out all of Bonne Maman products here.

New Synergy Collection By StemCutis Rejuvenates Skin And Repairs Signs Of Aging

Keep your mom looking great with the New Synergy Collection by StemCutis. 

StemCutis aims to restore your skin’s ability to fight the signs of aging with a unique stem cell formula. Stem cells are our body's natural regenerators, yet the effectiveness of our stem cells declines after we reach age 25. That's where science meets nature. StemCutis takes advantage of its exclusive license for stem proteins and factors from an FDA-licensed stem cell manufacturing facility for a skincare formula that aims to restore the glow your skin had when you were young.Apply Synergy Essence and Synergy Cream twice a day, and use the Synergy Patches 2 to 3 times per week. Smoother, brighter and healthier skin.

Use our complete system to maximize your results. Experience a 31% reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in only 30 days! The Synergy Power Bundle includes a one-month supply: 1 box of Synergy Essence (4 bottles) 1 jar of Synergy Cream 2 boxes of Synergy Patches (8 total applications, 4 applications per box) You can purchase these new products on StemCutis website here. Which right now they are running a special BOGO on the Power Bundle. 

Cate & Chloe

Shower your mother with pieces of delicately made jewelry that will make her feel appreciated this Mother’s Day. Cate & Chloe offers stylish rings, necklaces, and more that never go out of style. Get her the gift that keeps on giving with the VIP Jewelry Subscription Box! She will have the joy of receiving personalized jewelry that will compliment her personal style. These timeless glamour pieces will add excitement and shine to her everyday routine.

Introducing the Amanda infinity bracelet as part of our new Cate & Chloe tennis bracelet collection! Precisely lined with radiant high quality stones along a heart infinity design that's finished and complemented with a unique closure detail. These delicate bracelets that fit every occasion are made special and presentable as the perfect gift for a loved one.

Product Specifications:

18k White Gold Plating
AAA+ Grade CZ Stones
Stone Size: 5mm
Closure: Secure Box with Tongue Clasp
Size: 7.5” in Length
Lead & Nickel Free
Base Metal: Brass

This was one of many of my favorite pieces from Cate & Chloe. Find that perfect piece which you think would speak to your mom by visiting Cate & Chloe.


Whether your pampering mom, taking her out for a day at the beach, or keeping her out late for a campfire, just to find she rather be home relaxing in a bath, Alba has the products for you to cover all her needs. 

Alba Botanica Fast Fix Collection ($5.99, Target):
Whether it’s morning after eyes, thin lips or a pop up pimple, these powerful treatments pack an instant antidote for the on-the-go natural gal. Big solutions come in little packages!
  • Fast Fix for Puffy Eyes: Cooling eye revive gel with cucumber, green tea & caffeine instantly awakens tired eyes while energizing and reducing puffiness
  • Fast Fix for a Pimple: Lightly tinted zit zapper with willow bark extract and sulfur instantly blurs the blemish while treating the underlying cause of acne
  • Fast Fix for Thin Lips: Tinted gloss with cinnamon and ginger extracts immediately triggers plumping and flushing for full, smooth, kissably soft lips
  • FastFix for Undereye Circles: Vanishing yellow concealer with apple, white lily & caffeine brightens in a blink while helping maintain even tone from below the surface

NEW Alba Fast Fix Sheet Masks (SRP: $3.49, Target, Wal-Mart, Whole Foods & natural food stores)
Individually wrapped, serum-soaked fiber masks contour to your face to deliver concentrated doses of active botanical ingredients. In as little as 5 minutes, skin experiences a powerful beauty-enhancing treatment! 100% vegetarian ingredients, no animal testing, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors or parabens.
  • Coconut Water Hydrate Sheet Mask: an infusion of coconut water, cucumber and chamomile provide a mega-moisture oasis to return skin to healthy, hydrated happiness
  • Camu Camu Anti-Wrinkle Sheet Mask: camu camu, cocoa and caffeine fight the good fight to help firm, tone and tackle those pesky lines and wrinkles
  • Papaya Anti-Acne Sheet Mask: the zit-zapping trio of papaya, lemon balm and salicylic acid penetrate pores to give pimples their proper punishment
  • Grapefruit Even Tone Sheet Mask:grapefruit, charcoal and turmericvanish visible pores, soothe redness and help lighten shadows, to give skin a soft, even glow

NEW Alba Botanica Hawaiian Detox Facial Care
Each product in the Hawaiian Detox facial care collection is formulated with Volcanic Clay, a mineral-rich natural substance that draws out dirt, oil and grime from deep within pores before being washed away. This action helps clear problematic impurities which immediately brightens and refreshes skin. The clay’s unique physical texture also polishes away dead surface cells, leaving skin with a smooth, even, mattified glow. Each formula is powerfully effective, yet also hypo-allergenic.
  • Hawaiian Detox Cleanser (6oz., $11.99, Whole Foods)
Gentle yet effective daily detoxifier lathers away problematic impurities
  • Hawaiian Detox Scrub (4oz., $11.99, Whole Foods)
Distinctive black lathering scrub gently exfoliates, clears and brightens skin
  • Hawaiian Detox Sheet Mask (single mask, $3.49, Whole Foods)
Micro-extraction mask loosens stubborn impurities for intensive detox action
  • Hawaiian Detox Facial Towelettes (30ct, $5.99, Whole Foods)
Multi-tasking towelette whisks away makeup, detoxifies and tones without rinsing

Village Naturals Aromatherapy Calm Lavender + Chamomile Double Butter Bath Bombs

What better way to give your mom some alone time then with the Village Naturals Aromatherapy Calm Lavender + Chamomile Double Butter Bath Bombs: Calming lavender and chamomile help you unwind and relax Shea butter & cocoa butter for extra skin conditioning & supreme hydration Nourishes skin with an antioxidant rich blend, including vitamins C & EIndulge your senses
Village Naturals Aromatherapy Calm Lavender + Chamomile Double Butter Bath Bombs:
  • Calming lavender and chamomile help you unwind and relax
  • Shea butter & cocoa butter for extra skin conditioning & supreme hydration
  • Nourishes skin with an antioxidant rich blend, including vitamins C & E
  • Indulge your senses

You can purchase Village Naturals Products at Walmart. Check out the whole line of Village Naturals on their website here.

New Softsoap Body Wash in Honey Creme & Lavender and Blooming Jasmine & Plum

Most mom's wanna start the day off fresh and what better way than with the new scents from Softsoap Body Wash. Softsoap Body Wash Honey Creme & Lavender and Blooming Jasmine & Plum are inspired by today’s trending ingredients and crafted from real extracts of honey, lavender, jasmine and plum.  These luxurious fragrances will transform any shower into an invigorating sensory experience, leaving you clean, moisturized, and ready to tackle even the most daunting to-do list.

Mom would love one or ten of these to use when taking a relaxing shower! You can purchase them at most mass retail stores for about $5.50.  Ps: Don't forget the loofah :) 

Guilt Free Cocoa Butter Bar by Luxe

Introducing guilt-free pampering at its finest! Indulge in a relaxing, ultra-moisturizing soak with our Cocoa and Shea Butter bath treat designed to leave your skin feeling soft and silky smooth. Mom's will surely enjoy this treat, not only does it look like a candy bar but it can be used many times as you break a piece off, best yet no calories! You can purchase Luxe products at Ulta.  Check out the full line of Luxe products here

Mohu ReLeaf 

ReLeaf the TV industry’s first and only eco-friendly HDTV antenna that is literally built from ‘ditched’ cable set-top boxes. The ReLeaf offers unlimited access to free, over-the-air broadcast TV networks, like FOX, for a one-time fee. It’s the perfect gift to help TV lovers get the same channels and save some money. In fact, Mohu’s antennas like ReLeaf have helped customers save over $300M by reducing or eliminating cable bills. I use mine all the time and pick up well over 60 channels! You can purchase the ReLeaf online on Mohu website and on Amazon here

Yum! Spa Products 

Add a little sweetness to your life with our new Yum! Spa® collection of beauty products. Designed for young girls with a love for all things fun and fashionable, our Sparkle Lotion, 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner and Shimmer & Shine Body Mist will make you feel like the star you are! Although made for younger girls, these are a great way to make your mom feel young and hip again. The line is full of fun bright colors which brings a smile just looking at the packaging. You can purchase Yum! Spa products at Walmart. Visit Yum! Spa today. 

EZVIZ Mini Plus in Pink

The EZVIZ mini plus is a great gift for the mom who wants more peace of mind when she is out. I hate to shop especially when it means taking 5 kids! So often I leave the older ones at home, although I trust my kids I do often worry if they are okay, especially when my quick trip is taking a little longer then planned. I love that not only can I check in on them but I can tell them (through a two way speaker on camera) that I am on way so they can be ready to help me bring in groceries. 

  • SMART HOME CAMERA with IFTTT capability for connecting to IoT smart devices and voice control with Amazon Echo. Always adding new features and functionality with one-click updates.
  • VIEW ANYWHERE, ANYTIME through the EZVIZ app, which lets you see all of your EZVIZ cameras in one place. Receive motion alerts on your mobile devices when movement is detected. Small size with a 10 foot power cord and magnetic base lets you easily set it up on a wall, shelf, or ceiling.
  • LISTEN IN AND TALK while away using the built-in speaker and mic.
  • 1080p HD VIDEO and wide-angle 135° view for clearer video and sharper details over a wider area. Improved night vision sensor automatically switches for clearer HD video when it’s dark.
  • MULTILAYER ENCRYPTION for protected video when saved to the cloud. Cloud storage is available, and includes a free one-month trial with 7-day playback. For storage locally, camera accepts up to a 128GB micro SD card for storage beyond the cloud.
You can purchase the EZVIZ here on Amazon for about $90

Village Naturals Aromatherapy

Village Naturals Aromatherapy affordably enhances the bath experience with spa-quality creations that offer soothing benefits while stimulating the senses. The collection’s exclusive Re-Vita Complex™ provides antioxidant-rich blends including Vitamins C and E  to nourish and refresh skin, while essential oil based fragrances enhance your mood and offer guilt-free pampering.

New Double Butter Bath Melts, Botanical Bath Teas, and Essential Oil Blends come in two collections: Purify, a new collection featuring Tea Tree and Sweet Orange to detoxify and protect and Calm, the existing Aromatherapy collection, infused with Lavender and Chamomile to relax and unwind.

·      The Purify and Calm Double Butter Bath Melts provide spa indulgence at its finest. Unlike traditional bath bombs, they slowly dissolve around you while nourishing Shea and Cocoa Butter moisturize your skin leaving it soft and smooth. 
·      Use the Purify and Calm Botanical Bath Teas to create a relaxing herbal bath or a cleansing facial steam. Each tea bag combines popular aromatherapy ingredients including essential oils, flowers, extracts and salts.
·      Purify and Calm Essential Oil Blends are comprised of 100 percent pure essential oils to indulge your senses and enhance your mood. Add to your bath, a room diffuser or unscented lotion to help balance the mind, body and spirit.

All products range in cost from $4.97 to $6.97 and can be found at select Walmart stores nationally and online at starting March 8. Check out the whole line of Village Naturals on their website here

Black Ink Rose Wine

Whenever you watch tv or talk to most women their drink of choice is a fruity something or wine. Black Ink took this to heart and came out with Black Ink Rose which is a fruity blend of wine! This is not a fussy, prissy wine, but a badass Rose´ that embodies our lifestyle. Rosé Nicely balanced acidity, medium weight with aromas of strawberry, watermelon and white flowers with flavors of pomegranate, cherry and peach with a clean finish. Black Ink Rose pairs well with seafood, pasta, or anything, really. You can purchase at most liquor stores. Check out the rest of the Black Ink line by visiting their website here.

Dove Shower Foaming Body Wash

Mom's will surely enjoy this new product from Dove. Dove has a huge line of quality products which pamper and moisturize your skin keeping you feeling and looking younger. Dove's newest product is Shower Foaming Body Wash, a easier way to soap up and rinse clean.

• Shower foam gently cleanses and cares for your skin
• With NutriumMoisture™ technology, delivers skin natural nourishment
• Nourishes deep* into the surface layers of the skin
• Helps support your skin’s natural moisture barrier as you cleanse
• Dove body wash instantly foams for a light, airy lather
• Suitable for daily use

Your body wash should nourish your skin with goodness, as well as cleanse. Providing an extra boost of nourishment, Dove Shower Foam Deep Moisture Foaming Body Wash gently refreshes and cares for your skin with its instant, lightweight foam with an airy texture. The result: skin that’s beautifully clean, soft and smooth. Nourishing deep* into the surface layers of your skin, Dove Shower Foam Deep Moisture Foaming Body Wash is formulated with our NutriumMoisture™ technology. Made with skin natural lipids and moisturizers to help support a healthy skin barrier, this foaming body cleanser helps your skin look and feel more beautiful. Enveloping you in a soft foam lather, this gentle body wash is the airiest way from Dove to get clean, smooth skin with every shower – just the results we’re all after. *Within the stratum corneum

You can find the full line of Dove shower foaming body wash at your local retail stores.

AMI Clubwear

For the mama who still got it and isn't afraid to flaunt it! AMI Clubwear offers the season's hottest boots, heels and more at prices you can't beat. Surprise your fashionista mom with knee high boots to add an extra touch of edge to a classic outfit, or black strappy heels that are perfect for a girl’s night out. Based out of Los Angeles, AMI Clubwear is inspired by celebrity and runway fashion styles. The women's apparel company is continuously updating their selection and offers everything from winter styles and clubwear to halloween outfits and accessories.

Sexy Black Mid Sleeve Plunging Neckline Plus Size Casual Dress: Every now and than a mom wants to feel sexy, this sexy black dress will do just that! This dress is the perfect go to for a night out with the girls! Featuring; plunging neckline, mid sleeve, ruched sleeve, belt tie. Followed by a semi fitted wear. 


All moms deserve flowers on Mother's Day and Roseshire is a great place to find beautiful roses which can be sent directly to her. Roseshire introduces our first collaboration of 2017 with Disney, inspired by the award winning film, Disney’s Frozen! The collection highlights Elsa, as well as another character from the movie that’s hiding somewhere on the box! Spread winter magic before the season ends. Each box has a special note scripted on the box itself. They are well packaged and each rose has its own water bottle to keep them fresh during shipment. Make your mom blush this year with Roseshire. Check them out here

Forever Shoes

After getting the dress from AMI Clubwear you gotta get the shoes! Check out these everyday sandals which can be paired with almost everything your mom has to wear. Sexy Champagne Beaded Rhinestone Accent Summer Sandals Faux Leather: These cute sandals will go perfect with your next summer outfit. The features includes a bold color, beaded with a rhinestone pattern accent, slingback with an adjustable side buckler closure, and finished off with a cushion foot-bed. You can purchase these along with many other shoes from the AMI Clubwear

Picture Keeper Connect

This mother's day give her memories. I know I personally suck at getting pictures off my phone, with the Picture Keeper Connect mom's can get the pictures and videos off all with this one device! I love mine and it really does make the perfect Mother's Day gift. Protecting your memories shouldn’t be difficult. Whether you’re switching to a new phone, running out of storage on your smartphone, or wanting to safeguard important photos, Picture Keeper Connect offers simple photo backup solutions for all devices - smartphones, tablets, and computers. Holds either 16 GB, 32 GB, or 64 GB of Photos, Videos and Contacts. You can purchase the Picture Keeper Connect here as well as other Picture Keepers. 

Sleep Easily

Mom's need sleep! With their busy lives they need and deserve it the most, give your mom back the lost sleep with the Sleep Easily All in One. 

Sleep Easily is a medication-free sleep solution for the 1-in-3 people who have mild to severe insomnia. Based on the most recognized form of sleep therapy — cognitive behavioral therapy — Sleep Easily helps teach your body the five physical triggers that will get you to sleep in less than 23 minutes. Although it’s based on CBT, Sleep Easily does not feel like therapy.

Includes: Two Sleep Recordings (each available in a male and female voice): Sleep One – guides you to sleep within minutes Sleep Two – helps you sleep more deeply and stay asleep Three Supplemental Recordings: Feeling Better During the Day — how to reduce stress during the day Sleep Ocean Sounds The Sound of Rest—relaxation music composed exclusively for Sleep Easily Contoured Sleep Mask Premium Silicon Earplugs SleepGuide Book. You can purchase on Amazon

Close-up With Correxiko-The Skin Supplement!

CLOSE UP Skin Supplement capsules intensively nourish skin from the inside, providing the building blocks for beautiful skin. By helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, dry, blemished, pigmented thinning skin (the result of damage to the inner dermal layer of skin) Close-up Skin supplement minimises the visible signs of ageing. Each CLOSE UP Skin Supplement sachet contains 5 capsules, with a distinct skin care concern targeted by each capsule.

Capsule 1: CELL ANTI-AGE
Capsule 3: SUNCORREX
Capsule 4: PRO-ABSORB
Capsule 5: ENERGY+

Start to see skin firmness, texture, glow and a lessening of fine lines and wrinkles within 12-18 weeks of consistent daily use, though benefits may be seen earlier, increased energy may be noticed from Day 3 onwards. The ground-breaking formula includes Astaxanthin to neutralize free-radical oxidative stress, Lycopene for UV protection, essential nutrients to stimulate skin renewal, Collagen precursors to support the tensile strength of the dermal matrix, Hyaluronic acid to maintain extracellular hydration, and Resveratrol to help the body’s fight against inflammatory action, and additional Potent Probiotics, Energy + Mood boosters, Essential Enzymes, Amino Acids, Minerals and Superfoods. With 60 active clinically proven ingredients, CLOSE UP Skin Supplement is the most advanced skin care formula in the market today. You can purchase the CLOSE UP Skin Supplement kit for Women here.

Honest Tea

Our mothers are one of the most honest people in our lives, so for Mother’s Day, why not give her a gift that keeps her refreshingly honest. Lots of Mother’s Day gifts might include chocolates and other decadent treats, but if there’s room for a gift that carries less guilt, would love for you to consider Honest Tea, the #1 organic bottled in the U.S., offers a range of delicious organic, fair-trade brewed teas that are just a tad sweet.
  • For the Mom who wants to be refreshingly honest with her kids – there is Honest Kids, which comes is 4 flavors that the whole family will love
  • For the active Mom – Keep her refreshingly Honest Sport will her refreshed, refueled and rehydrated
  • For the Mom who is a real peach – the brand’s newest  flavor will have her feeling peachy. Unsweet Peach Ginger Tea is made with fair-trade black tea mixed with honeybush leaves with a touch of fresh peach puree and a kick of real ginger for a rich and full-bodied taste. (Zero calories and absolutely no added sugar!)

You can purchase Honest Tea at your local grocery and retail stores. 

Graeter's Ice Cream

If you are purchasing a cake for your mom this Mother's Day don't forget the ice cream! 

Graeter’s Ice Cream is a nationally recognized and awarded ice cream brand that was founded over 146 years ago in Cincinnati, OH. The fourth-generation family owned and operated company has perfected the art of using the French Pot, a traditional, small batch artisanal process of making ice cream. Known for their indulgent, premium flavors and ingredients, they’re also widely recognized for their gargantuan gourmet chocolate chips. With so many amazing flavors to choose from it's hard to decide! I think some of my absolute favorites are: Bourbon Pecan Chocolate Chip Coconut Chocolate Chip Madagascar Vanilla Bean Bananas Foster Gelato.

You can purchase Graeter's Ice Cream at your local Publix and at their website here.

iluminage Skin Rejuvenating Eye Mask

All moms appreciate the gift of a good night’s sleep. This luxurious satin-soft eye mask is specially woven with copper infused fibers to help maintain skin's youthful appearance. Proven to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles for smoother, younger-looking skin in as little as four weeks, it can be worn each night to help achieve results. Hand wash with mild detergent and lay flat to dry.

Price: $35, Available at

Shaveworks The Works: Bare Perfection Kit

Give mom the gift of relaxation with The Works: Bare Perfection Kit from Shaveworks. Featuring Pearl Soufflé Shave Cream, The Cool Fix and The Cool Fix Rollerball, this three-step trifecta of hair removal products creates a luxurious and relaxing shave experience. The Pearl Soufflé Shave Cream is formulated with Capislow to minimize hair growth, Phytic/Glycolic Acid to exfoliate and reduce ingrown hairs, and Mediacalm Complex, for superb moisturizing and calming benefits. The Cool Fix is a targeted all-in-one gel lotion that fights ingrown hairs, razor burn irritation, redness and everyday common hair removal woes from head to toe. Finally, The Roller Ball is ideal for targeted areas, like the lip and brow, and instantly soothes irritated skin upon contact after waxing or threading.
Price: $54, Available at, & Amazon.


Say hello to Hush – a range of treatment-based products designed to work together to not only help nurture, treat and protect, but improve and maintain the optimal environment for healthy hair and scalp. The first range of products created specifically to address the key contributors of scalp sensitivity in babies + kids, the Hush collection goes beyond traditional gentle products and tackles the root of the problem: Sensitive 2in1 Soothing Shampoo + Conditioner ($14.50): a gentle purifying cleanser, dispensed through the first of its kind soft massaging brush, helps soothe and calm a fussy, itchy scalp while simultaneously infusing skin with moisture. Sensitive Scalp Serum Balancing Treatment ($14.50): non-greasy, leave-in formula delivers concentrated moisture to skin, helping to soothe a fussy scalp, stop itching and reduce dry flakes. Sensitive Detangler Ultra-Gentle Leave-In ($12.50): the feather-light detangling spray gently smoothes and detangles while hydrating hair, all without disrupting the balance of a sensitive scalp. Sensitive Styling Foam ($12.50): lightweight mousse that gives strands a natural-looking hold without added build-up that can typically cause flaking, dryness, inflammation or itching. SoCozy Hush Collection Available at, and

Remington Tame the Mane Detangling Brush

Parents know that every second counts when it comes to getting their kids out the door on time in the morning. To ensure every day begins tear, tangle and tantrum-free, Remington introduces the ultimate #lifehack – the Tame the Mane Detangling Brush. This innovative tool streamlines morning hair madness into one quick and easy step. The only electric detangling brush of its kind, Tame the Mane uses advanced detangling technology to remove tangles and knots without any painful pulling. Designed to be used on wet or dry hair, the brush teeth twist to loosen tangles and glide right through even the wildest mane. From kinky curls to Rapunzel-length locks, the cordless detangling brush works magic on all hair. Can be purchased here on Amazon

DESSANGE Professional Hair Luxury Instant Smoothing, Deep Nourishing Mask

Give mom the gift of relaxation. Boasting a combination of three cosmetic agents, this mask is luxuriously nourishing. Fats allow for deep nutrition while a Cationic Derivative detangles and softens strands. Mineral oils reinforce the smoothing effect without weighing down hair.
Price: $13.99, Available at CVS nationwide

Felix Lingonberry Jam

I know my mom, and grandmother's are all huge jam lovers. What makes Felix Lingonberry Jam great is that they have a variety of classic and new flavors, so breakfast,  dinner, lunch or even a snack will never be the same old same old again. Felix is the leader among lingonberry jams in the USA. The jams’ obvious Scandinavian style and taste make them attractive to both adults and children, and even to gourmets who prefer natural foods. Ingredients are everything when it comes to creating tasty jams – wild berries, pure sugar and fresh water are what make Felix jams worthy of its name. Naturally, our jams contains no preservatives. You can view the whole line of Felix jams by visiting their website here

Felix Giveaway:

Pucker Up, Moms! There’s a Better Berry in Town!
Win a supply of Sweden’s favorite Felix Lingonberry Jam with a stylish insulated lunch bag and
spreader. Perfect for a picnic, tailgate or school event. As familiar as Volvo, Ikea and Swedish meatballs, Felix Lingonberry Jam is as popular in the USA as it is in its native Sweden. This delicious tart-sweet spread is made from fresh wild berries, and was recommended on the Dr. Oz Show as a super fruit, loaded with antioxidants. Enjoy the original Lingonberry flavor or new Lingonberries with Blueberries or Ginger on
waffles, pancakes, sandwiches or as a great alternative to cranberries with ham or turkey.

One reader win one (1) lunch bag, one (1) jam spreader, one (1) package of crackers
and two (2) jars of Felix Lingonberry Jam in assorted flavors, total value: $35.
For delicious recipes and serving ideas visit
Felix Jam Gift Set

Baby2Body Free App

An innovative digital content platform (website, email subscription service and app) for expectant and new mothers Shortly after having her first child, Baby2Body founder & CEO, Melinda Nicci found there was a lack of resources available to women and founded Baby2Body—a digital content company that focuses on a woman’s wellbeing, fitness, nutrition, and beauty concerns during pregnancy and early motherhood. The premise is that the content is digestible, actionable, and targeted to the woman’s unique lifestyle needs from the start of pregnancy and through her first three years of motherhood. Baby2Body provides a personalized guide for expectant and new mothers, with daily insights into her baby’s growth and development, as well as tips to stay healthy, be happy and feel amazing for 9 months and beyond—because happy, healthy moms make for happy, healthy babies. Baby2Body users can sign up for the email subscription service on the website or download the new iOS app. The app is free with the option to purchase the premium version, which take the learning experience even deeper.

Remember to like and subscribe to my links: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter,  Disclosure: In order to facilitate a review, I received promotional materials and/or samples. All opinions and comments are my own.Photos or Reviews or were provided by client with authorization for use in this campaign. No additional compensation was received. Post may contain affiliate links. Please contact with any questions.