Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Helio, a new way of teaching and learning!

My second oldest struggles to read and write. He learns best by seeing the word with visual aids. Helio is a great product for my son and helps strengthen my other children's skills as well.

Helio is a extremely wonderful teaching tool. How it works, is basically it is a nightlight which projects images along with the words onto the ceiling of your home. The child can then lay in bed and look at the images which again have the words for each image so after awhile your child will recognize the word with the image! It also helps bring the family together, by your child being interested in the pictures they might not already know, like for instants the planets they all look the same with the exception of saturn but they are all round, so how would my kid know which is earth, mars, venus, etc? Well this is where I come in, I get to lay beside my child and as they point to different planets I can read the name, with the repetition process my kids are picking up these words fairly quickly. I also love that now they all are asking for more, which with Helio you can purchase different sets so your child can even learn sight words which are advanced for their age.

The fact that Helio is a nice low light making it like a nightlight helps to relax the child and what better way to fall asleep then by learning new words, and dreaming of the new discoveries you have made. The Helio comes in 5 colors, blue, yellow, green, orange, pink and a lighter blue. Helio is a great teaching tool which can be used at home, at school and on the go. It's is smaller and lightweight making for easy travel, it also has a power cord so if your like me and hate batteries you don't have to worry it can do both. Also the Helio has a digital clock so your child can also learn to tell time!

You can purchase the Helio at their website here and on Amazon.

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