Thursday, May 11, 2017

Eye-V Moisture Boost Patches by Nerium International

Each year we get older and each year more wrinkles happen to show up showing our age, but thanks to nature and science there are ways to help reduce or eliminate wrinkles all together.

Nerium International partnered with world class Korean chemists and product designers to pair advanced hydrators, Aloe Leaf Juice Water, a mushroom-derived moisturizing ingredient and Hydromoist, with the patented SIG-1191™ molecule and exclusive I-FIL4R™ antioxidant. The innovative combination of powerful ingredients and a delivery system work to deliver replenishing hydration to the eye area.

Nerium International's Hydrogel Patches are a new way to combat the appearance of fine lines and puffiness in a cool looking comfortable and discreet design. Besides being comfortable they can be moved if not applied correctly and still hold their adhesion or effectiveness, because we all know sometimes it takes a few tries to get products on correctly.

In a third-party clinical study, 100 percent of subjects showed an improvement in moisturization with more than three-fourths of subjects showing improvement in skin smoothness and a reduction in the appearances of wrinkles and fine lines after four weeks of usage. In addition to SIG-1191™, a powerful antioxidant and skin hydrator, and FIL4R™, an ingredient derived from white lily and Brazilian ginseng to help reduce the appearance of puffiness and fines lines, Nerium International's Hydrogel Patches contain other age-fighting ingredients:

1: Tremella Fuciformis Extract Tremella Fuciformis is a genus of the mushroom family known for possessing excellent water-retention properties; also a source of vitamin D and a free radical scavenger

2: Glycerin Derived from lipids, this skin humectant absorbs moisture and helps supports skin’s natural barrier

3: Echinacea extract for: Echinacea, a botanical known for its age-fighting and skin comforting benefits

4: Lavender to naturally soothe skin

5: Green tea to guard against environmental damage

For optimal benefits, use one set of Eye Patches per week and refrigerate patches 5 minutes before application for added cooling benefits. The hydrogel patches act as an at-home spa treatment and are the perfect solution for tired eyes and occasions when you need to look particularly fresh and bright—job interviews, a first date, a party, even to take the edge off a redeye flight; and they do so with exclusive and patented ingredients that can't be found in any other products. For more information about Eye-V Moisture Boost Hydrogel Patches, visit To learn more about Nerium International's EYE-V™ MOISTURE BOOST Hydrogel Patches view the video below:

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