Friday, May 26, 2017

Keep that gum tasting good with Juicy Drop Gum by Bazooka!

I love gum but I eat it like candy chew, chew, chew, flavor is gone spit, new piece chew, chew, chew, repeat. It gets old :( I wish gum would just keep its flavor. Thanks to Juicy Drop by Bazooka gum it can. Each pack of sweet bubblegum and sour gel comes in all of our classic Juicy Drop® flavors: Knock-Out Punch, Blue Rebel, Watermelon Blast  and Apple Attack. Every piece of gum is bursting with deliciousness, and you can use sour gel to boost and recharge your gum in a 2-in-1 mind-blowing flavor experience! Boost it. Chew it. Repeat. With NEW Juicy Drop Gum! I had my kids each pick out a pack, which worked out well because only 4 of the kids like sour things. Here is their reaction:

The kids and really enjoyed the gum! I was able to get a taste of each, my personal favorite was the apple, the blue raspberry was the sourest. I liked that whenever I feel a drop in flavor, I could just add a few more squeezes of the flavor blast and it was like a whole new piece of gum! Juicy Drop Gum will be available at retailers nationwide. Major retailers include: Walmart®, Kroger®, 7–Eleven®, Food Lion®, Walgreens, Casey’s General Store®, AM PM®, H-E-B®, Family Dollar®, Allsups®, Rite Aid.

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