Saturday, May 20, 2017

New Pop! The Best way to Enjoy Popcorn!

I love LOVE popcorn, I love it at home, at the movies, out and about, I just simply LOVE popcorn, but I hate getting the kernels stuck in my teeth, gums or simply choking on them. Thanks to New Pop problem solved!

New Pop really is a new idea on how to enjoy popcorn. New Pop is popcorn which is skinless popcorn! Yeah, you read that right, SKINLESS popcorn. New Pop starts with a kernel of corn and removes the skin using a very unique (secretive!) process. Once the skin is removed, the kernel is then popped under high pressure. Not heat! Using high pressure locks in all the nutrients and maintains its flavor. Most conventional popcorn is popped using heat, salt, oils and butter. Not New Pop! No Oil, No Salt and No Butter is used! After New Pop skinless kernels have popped, they add a dash of raw organic cane sugar and a dusting of natural flavors to create our different flavor varieties.

New Pop comes in 3 flavors as of now, but I am sure more are to come, just because they are so delicious! The 3 flavors are:

New Pop Original: is made up of 2 things. Corn and raw organic sugarcane.
I ate the whole 4.23oz bag in one setting, but no worries the whole bag was less than 200 calories.

New Pop Sweet Cinnamon: only 3 ingredients.... I bet you can even guess what they are.....corn, cinnamon and raw organic  sugarcane. These were so good that I tried them with milk like cereal and it worked great.

The last flavor by New Pop is New Pop Hot & Sweet: Corn, red chili peppers and raw organic sugarcane. I tried these last as I thought it could be a bit hot on the tongue. I was wrong, the hot and sweet go perfect together that make for a real treat.

There are so many benefits to enjoying New Pop popcorn:

1: No more popcorn stuck in teeth, no more choking on the skin
2: Healthier, tastier option
3: The kids also enjoy this snack, scoring points for you as a parent
4: Come in 3 great flavors

You can purchase New Pop by visiting their website here, and on Amazon.

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