Thursday, May 4, 2017

Palmetto Puzzles really opening one's mind!

My kids love puzzles, they get it from me. My mom would always set up puzzles on the table most being around 1000 or 2000 pieces and we would just sit and build it throughout the week. My kids all have mastered 100 piece puzzles and some have moved onto 500 piece. 

We are always looking for fun new challenging puzzles, especially those which are not your normal flat cutout cardboard.  Palmetto Puzzles is a new way of doing puzzles, these puzzles really work your brain as you try different ways to make the pieces fit together. I also take a liking to Palmetto Puzzles because they are made of wood, which means they keep for years to come and can be passed down to your children's, children. 

I received 4 puzzles to have my children try, and of course I also wanted to have a go. The 4 puzzles were:

Three Geckos Puzzle: The object is to get all 3 into the shape provide. Seems like it would be easy, but you would be seriously mistaken. I loved this puzzle, not only for it's difficulty but it happens to be one of my sons favorite animals. 

Pirate's Booty: Okay what kid doesn't like a cool looking treasure box, especially when it is filled with gold doubloons. The catch is that the gold and sliver doubloons are not complete, can you get them all to fit together back in the case? This one took my kids awhile as it was a medium/hard challenge. The look on their faces was well worth the effort they put into solving the puzzle. 

 The last two puzzles are alike, the one is the Connecting Cats and the Puzzle Puppies. The purpose of these 2 puzzles are to truly open up your creativity. Each comes with a set of 12 which you then figure out different ways in which you can link the cats or dogs together. My kids played with these for hours! Here are some of their creations. 

We all had a blast building and solving these puzzles from Palmetto Puzzles. You can check out Palmetto Puzzle on Etsy.

I decided not to put the completed product in the post so you can figure it out. You can also contact Palmetto Puzzles for the completed product. 

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