Friday, May 5, 2017

Sodapalooza at RaceTrac NOW through July 31st!

Every year there is one thing I look to as much as not having to wake up early to get my kids to school, and that is Sodapalooza at RaceTrac!

From May 3rd ( NOW ) through July 31st RaceTrac's around the U.S. offer free refills of any soda, or frozen beverage with the purchase of a 20oz Sodapalooza cup. I seriously love this offer! With my 5 kids you can only imagine how often I hear I am thirsty, with each of them having their own Sodapalooza cup I can simply pull up to my nearest RaceTrac and let them pick from the many flavors which they have to offer. Which brings me to my next reason on purchasing a Sodapalooza cup from RaceTrac, I don't know about you but for us here in Kissimmee, FL we have a RaceTrac about every 5 miles from each least that is how it seems and they are in such great places which are convenient to get in and out of. We really go through drinks during the summer especially after a day at a park, love pulling up walking in filling up and walking out.

Look for the Sodapalooza display when you walk in, because the cups go fast! Think of all the endless possibilities for only $11.99. To sweeten the deal download the FREE RaceTrac Rewards app on any iOS or Android phone to receive a coupon for $2 off a Sodapalooza cup purchase. That means only $9.99 for unlimited FreeFills – seriously! To help you make the most of your summer, each Sodapalooza cup also includes between $30 and $150 in exclusive coupons, depending on your location, for RaceTrac food and fun experiences unique to your area.

RaceTrac App....has coupons, a road game and more. 

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