Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Water Wubble!!!!!! Fun way to cool down! Summer FUN!!!!

Water Wubble Water Balloon Balls are the new best way to have a water balloon fight! All you do is fill with water, push the end of the water balloon inside itself and you have a nice, big, FULL water balloon, that even the kids can refill themselves because they NEVER pop!

Water Wubble Water Balloons come in a pack of 8, with 2 colors so you can play on teams!

Water Wubble Ball- The makers of the Super Wubble bubble ball bring you Water Wubble, the amazing refillable water balloon. (Say that line 3 times fast whooo) The Water Wubble Ball Refillable Water Balloons Features: Revolutionary, patent-pending design allows it be filled easily and used over and over, one set takes the place of hundreds and hundreds of regular water balloons.

The Water Wubble Ball features:
       Easy-fill nozzle allowing for filling by just pressing up to the faucet, holding under running water or filling from swimming pools, or any other body of water. This was extremely nice, because the kids could do it themselves!
       Reusable, so there is no need to waste time running around your backyard picking up all those broken water balloon pieces.  This is great! All to many times this was a reason I never bought my kids water balloons because I got to clean up the mess. The Water Wubble Ball is also great for play ground because of this reason!
       Seals itself so no more struggling to fill and tie water balloons. Yeah I don't miss this at all! By the time I got done trying to tie the water balloon, I never got to see anyone get hit or get to enjoy because they would all be done.

We had fun with our packs of Water Wubble Balloon Balls, we first used them like you are supposed to, filling up and throwing at each other. That went well only some of the balls probably didn't have enough water in them to release once hitting target. Then we took one and filled it on the ground with the hose to see how big we could get it................. :)

Then after that video a viewer suggested that we try blowing one up to compare. Which the first try it went so fast and blew up on us LOL but we tried again and it was a success I would say that they blow up to the size of those work out balls you see people do stupid funny things with :) So that is pretty amazing, since it started about the size of a baseball.

Finally we took one more and we filled it with water again, but this time in the pool and only one kid was handling for most part. I have a timer on my water so I had set it for 15 mins! The Water Wubble Bubble Ball almost took the full 15 mins of water!!!! It was easily 3ft in size! HUGE!!!!!

As you can see in the video's we absolutely love playing with the Wubble Water Balloon Balls. You can find them in your local retail and toy stores. You can also get them on Amazon here. Also look for the Wubble Bubble.........which I will be reviewing later on down the road. I will say I have had before but as a purchase on my own and they are so worth every penny!

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