Saturday, June 17, 2017 Fresh and Easy ways to make a home cooked meal!

I really hate cooking, but I hate it because when I find something that looks good and go to cook it........I am missing some or most of what I need to cook it which requires a "fun" trip to the store, who has time for that?!?

Home Chef is a amazing service which delivers everything to your door! All of Home Chefs products are fresh and pre portion so you are ready to cook as soon as the box of your selected meals arrives to your door.

Start by going to then choose your meals which you would like to give a try at cooking. Within a week your meals arrive at your door. When you get your box of goodies place them in the fridge until ready to cook. Read over your instructions which are in detail and come with a lovely binder your first order so you can continue to collect and enjoy your favorites over and over. When you sign up you're asked how big your family size is and also if you have any food allergies or items which you don't like. Which for me I hate fish well unless it's cooked so it does not taste or smell as fish.

I picked out Chicken Kiev with parsley garlic butter and green beans, each week the menu changes. I never in a million years would attempt or possibly try it if it hadn't been for Home Chef. I place everything out on the counter and went to work. I was impressed on how well it turned out and my kids my most of the time picky kids ate all my chicken I only got a bite! LOL

The 2nd meal I picked was the Tandoori-Rubbed Chicken  with cauliflower rice and ginger-garlic sauce. My 12 year old son made this! Yes my 12 year old! He saw me cooking the Chicken Kiev and asked if he could make the other, and I said sure why not :) He followed the instructions and asked for a little help when he didn't know what the word meant but he did it all on own. The only thing we well I screwed up on was the cauliflower rice I ended up making it into more of a mashed potato texture, but still tasted the same..........I really loved the ginger-garlic sauce that paired with the chicken wow. He did such a great job and he was so proud of himself as was I.

After my experience with Home Chef I know I would love returning and ordering more things and I would for sure think about removing the block on fish that I had because for how these meals turned out and especially the one my 12 year old did that it proves fresh taste best. Try them out today by visiting

Home Chef delivers perfectly portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes directly to your door, so whether you're an amateur cook, or more seasoned in the kitchen, cooking with Home Chef is easy and enjoyable.

Each week, you can use the personalized recipe recommendations they provide you. Or, you can pick from 11 fresh, chef-designed dinners, priced at $9.95 per serving. They change their menu weekly to give you countless new dinner options.

In about 30 minutes, using Home Chef's simple, step-by-step recipe cards, you'll confidently prepare meals from scratch that impress everyone at your table...including yourself! Use the promo code "FAMILY" to try out Home Chef for $30 off!

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