Saturday, June 24, 2017

Ultra Swim Chlorine removal shampoo and conditioner

We are always in the water and especially in pools which have chlorine, I  am always worrying about my hair getting damaged. I know when i get out of the water my hair turns brittle like, and just nasty. 

The other day I wondered to myself if there was a shampoo out there made just for chlorine, because at least I make my kids rinse their hair but I am sure it is still leaving damage. When doing my search I came across Ultra Swim shampoo and conditioner.

How exciting, so i asked if I could try it out since again we are always in water. The company sent me a bottle of both shampoo and conditioner and I had the chance to try it out during our visit to the Holiday Inn Suites. 

I took a pic of my hair before a shower after using the pool and then a pic of it after using the Ultra Swim shampoo and conditioner. Right away, while in the shower I noticed that our hair was much softer and easier to work with. My normal shampoo and conditioner would work but it still would be harsh brushing out after and still have a stiff feel after until many brushing in.

I used the Ultra Swim shampoo and conditioner on us all. Right out of the shower I brushed our hair. It was easy to work with, no knots or tangles or feeling of brittle hair. The next morning I took the second pic because now my hair was dry. You can see it looks smooth and soft and that was exactly how it felt. 

I was really impressed and happy to have found a new product that I feel good about using after a pool day. You can purchase Ultra Swim products here and on Amazon

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