Monday, July 17, 2017

Cute Tok Portable Baby Bottle and Pacifier UV Disinfector

When you're a new parent you worry about everything! You probably clean like you never cleaned before because you're always worrying about your newborn becoming sick.  I know a lot of mom's who are always changing out the nipples of the bottles for every feeding so the infant has a new sterile nipple. I am sure this becomes a pain in the butt after so many changes.

Cute Tok is a portable UV disinfector, which means you can go all day and not have to worry about changing a nipple or worry about not having enough pacifiers (because your baby will spit them out and they often do hit the ground) because now all you have to do is place the nipple or pacifier inside of the Cute Tok and within 4 minutes you have a clean sterile nipple or pacifier!

The Cute Tok goes wherever you go, it runs on 2 AA batteries and it has a hole on top so you can tie it to whatever and carry it on you at all times. The Cute Tok is simple to use, just place the batteries in the bottom, then place the nipple or pacifier in the container, twist shut and in 4 mins a blue light will come on letting you know your baby is safe to enjoy once again. Cute Tok can be purchased here, makes for a great baby shower gift.

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