Sunday, July 23, 2017

Mini Emojis

Let's face it Emojis are taking over the world, so much that there is a new movie being made just about Emojis. My kids are part of the growing Emojis craze so of course they look for toys, school supplies, and more to collect.

Mini Emojis by Kidz Toyz has released over 100 mini figures which kids can collect and trade with one another. The Mini Mojis™ collection includes over 100 characters, varying by level of rarity and category. Each Moji has their own unique name and personality to match. There are 12 categories of the collectibles including the food inspired Foodeez, the cute and cuddly Petite Petz, and Lil’ Stinkers, everyone’s favorite poop emoji. Round one of the collection is set to hit store shelves at the end of May at Jo Ann Fabric and Craft Stores.

My daughter got to open the pack of 6 which shows you 5 of the Mini Emojis you will get and has one mystery one. The mystery one she received in the package was a white cupcake which was not even on the packaging on the back. On the collector's guide she got a super rare, Krazy Kookie which is extremely funny because my daughter watches the daylight out of Cookie Whirl C on Youtube, who loves all things cookie and horses. The whole included Lil Comet, Sunny, Silly Sally, Hot Hugs which are common Hot Hugs and Baylee which are Rare.

We also got a blind bag which comes with 2 figures, she got a rarest of rare the Gloji Mojis, Nooky Poo! The other she got the was Happiness a common one.

Between the 2 packs a total of 8 Mini Emojis, Elizabeth's favorite was the Krazy Kookie, and Joshua's favorite Lil Comet. Which Elizabeth shared with him giving him the 2 the Lil Comet and Happiness. Now they want me to run to Walmart to purchase more. You can find all kinds of Emojis at your local retail stores and ToysRUs. These will make some great stocking stuffers when the holidays come up.

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