Saturday, July 8, 2017

Which water filter really is the best?

Water.....we all drink it and we all need it. Because it's the one thing we kinda get for free a lot of us who do drink water daily often have a water filter system. Whether it be a water pitcher which we keep in the fridge or a water filter which snaps onto our water faucet, but which really is the best when it comes to water filtering? 

Mavea a company which makes water filtration systems has wondered the same thing. I have reviewed a water pitcher from Mavea a few years back and it was the best one I have own (have because my kids dropped it one to many times when younger). You can see my review here. But again Mavea wanted to see how they stood out and if they really were the best, so they put together this helpful guide which shows what each water system offers and exactly who is the best when it comes to water filter systems. Here is a link to the guide  so you can research in one spot which water filter system is right for you. Mavea spent 6 weeks examining filter designers and water experts to learn what's up with certifications, analyzed long-term costs, and splashed around a lot of water to find a sturdy filter that will live up to its claims! 

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