Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Cool off with a Avalon Clip Fan it can go almost anywhere.

We keep our house set at 73 because its freaking hot and even at 73 we are still hot! So we have a lot of fans throughout the house. My kids room for some reason the vent doesn't work to great for blowing AC in their room, along with the sun is mostly on their side of the house so it shines right inside. 

To help keep my kids comfortable we have installed the dark curtains that black out their room but that is still not enough. Thankfully Avalon makes clip fans which are wonderful. My kids have bunkbeds so they are able to clip a fan at the top of the bunk and another on the bottom which helps to rotate whatever AC comes through the vent. 

The Avalon Clip Fan is simple to assemble and place. My kids had to together and running within a minute. They are always changing up the place in which they have their fans. They have had them on the desk for when doing school work, and like mentioned above on their bunks while sleeping or playing video games. 

The Avalon Clip Fan also makes a great gift for a dorm room, a RV or any place which there is not much room for a larger size fan. Avalon also makes a huge line of other fans as well as other products for all your needs you can view them by visiting

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