Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Florida Kids Write New Book for Florida Kids

F IS FOR FLORIDA: Written by Kids for Kids. I was born and still going in FL so what a great book to enjoy and show my kids. It is fully illustrated and simple for my younger ones to enjoy and read alone. It really captures FL in all its craziness, like G is for Gator, because here we rarely say Alligator, you find a gator any place which has lie. H guess what H is for......Hurricane which I lived through the year of 2005 when we got not 1 but 4 in a row!!!! B is for Beach which is most of the state, we are dead center of FL so the beach is about 2 hours either way. And so continues the ABC's of only those who live in FL would understand, but are happy to share with others the wonder which is FL. 

“It all began in April of 2015 when Graphic Arts Books contacted us,” says Anwar Hunte, Program Coordinator. “They wanted to publish a children’s book about Florida written by Florida kids for Florida kids. We were excited to work on a project that reinforces our mission. Our five core programs (Character & Leadership Development, Health & Life Skills, Education & Career Development, The Arts, Sports, Fitness & Recreation) allow youth to engage in activities with caring adults and peers while developing individual potential and having fun. Publishing this book was an opportunity to demonstrate the positive benefits of many of those Club programs and the kids’ accomplishments.”

The publishing process for the book started with a brainstorming session in which a group of children were asked to choose words that represent the state for each letter in the alphabet. From “D is for Daytona 500” to “P is for Panther”, and “Z is for Zebra Longwing”, the young writers worked with children’s book editor Michelle McCann to write couplets. “Couplets are poems built by content and then structure—it’s the perfect format to inspire young writers,” says McCann. 

After the writing was completed, the children’s poems were paired with images; a map was created for the beginning and a fact section for the end; and the book’s kid-friendly, vivid design was finished.

F IS FOR FLORIDA provides an introduction to the state with fascinating social, cultural, and geographical facts. “As a first reader book, the children’s couplets are easy for young kids to relate to and learn from. The structure offers clear visual, written, and auditory associations using the alphabet to organize content and increase reading comprehension. For older kids, that structure helps keep readers’ interest and organizes curriculum that can help inspire their own writing,” says McCann.

The young authors of F IS FOR FLORIDA hope will be a hit with Florida kids and kids across the nation!

F IS FOR FLORIDA: Written by Kids for Kids (WestWinds Press®, 9781513260495, $14.99, 8.5” x 8.5”, 32, Hardcover, available everywhere books are sold, distributed by Ingram Publisher Services) features an A to Z of the best of Florida and, even better, it was written by kids for kids. Children participating in the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Florida wrote this book about their favorite icons of their home state. You can find your state as well by visiting:

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