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Golden Bell Games a new way to enjoy family game time

Nowadays there really is so much garbage on tv I mean really like where do these cartoons? come from. It blows my mind that kids think that a walking stick making rude and just wrong comments is funny. Let's just say comics and cartoons are nothing like when I was growing up, when artist really were artist they took pride in every detail and script.

Golden Bell is bring back the realistic of enjoying your comics and more. Let's see where to start. Well when I was growing up we always looked forward to our local paper called the Orlando Sentinel which is still printed but half the size and not many people purchase because well you can Google everything. Anyhow we looked forward to it because for my parents they would get caught up on the local news and for me it was the Sunday comics! They were a great way to start the day and possibly the only thing I ever read all the way. Golden Bell Sunday Comics, are fun bright color, printed yes PRINTED comics, just like back in the day.

Golden Bell has a HUGE line of entertaining out of the box games here are a few which we got to try out as a family.

Mr Game!:
Mr. Game!™ begins like any other board game until cards with bad ideas come into play. These cards change the game in unpredictable ways. Bend the game to your advantage or mess with other players! Whether you win by accident or you lose on purpose, Mr. Game!™ flips regular board games upside-down! This game is one which you have to focus and pay very close attention because one roll can make or break you. A example is your 2 spaces away from the goal the next person plays gets a card which reads they can change the goal, yes they can change where the game will end! So now you went from almost winning to just starting over! This game was extremely fun with my older children because of its complexity it is recommended for ages 12 and up and can be played with 4 to 8 players which is great for a big family like mine because its is hard to find games with more than 4 players.

Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule!:
Designed by David Luis Sanhueza and illustrated by Mike Maihack, Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! is a card game of rhyme and reason for kids of all ages. For a long, long time, goblins and fairies have lived in a magical world right beneath our noses. Today, a gang of mischievous goblins escaped from the fairy ring, and it is up to you to send them back before they cause trouble! But an ancient spell of rhymes threatens to transform goblins into fairies and fairies into goblins. This beautifully illustrated game will put your rhyming and problem solving skills to the test. Experience something magical! This is a 96 piece puzzle that is double sided making it all the more challenging. My kids and I love puzzles, my mom has had me doing puzzles since I was 4 and she even now always has a 1000 or more pieced puzzle out that we all work on when visiting. It is a great way to spend the day relaxing and watching as a whole new world forms before your eyes. Because of this puzzle being double sided you choose which you wish to build, will the fairies stand out or will the goblins sneak out from hiding the choice is yours.

Keys to the Capital:
Can you name all 50 state capitals? With Keys to the Capitals, unlock the ability to master the state capitals and state flags in one fun board game for the whole family! Fly around in your custom airplane, collecting the most key cards to win. Building your knowledge has never been more fun. I seriously hated history in school and even now it kinda drives me nuts, but my husband on the other hand loves history so he already knows a lot more than the average. I enjoyed this game because for once I had a upper hand on him because I was already playing this with my older kids who wow they do pay attention in school :) So this was a great way to show off my skills and knowledge by kicking his butt in this game of capitals. It is a great way to teach your kids also so they have a head start when in school. My kids loved the airplane tokens/pawns they thought they are super cute and fun. My middle kid who loves all things action figures used the planes to "fly" around King Kong. So this game had more purposes in this family than just the one.

Robots On The Line:
Robots On The Line Robots on the Line is a creative game for 2 to 4 players where you build and sell robots. It's a perfect balance of fun and strategy. It's great for casual and hardcore players alike. The basic mechanic revolves around robot parts moving down two conveyor belts on the production line. Players take turns pulling robot parts (heads, bases, arms, hands, batteries, antennas and magnets). As players collect parts they are able to build robots throughout the game and once they've met requirements they can sell the robots and earn money. The game ends when all tiles are off the line or when a player builds 4 robots. The player with the most money at the end of the game wins. What kid doesn't like robots? I mean they are super cool, you can add almost anything to them and if they go crazy you just shut them down. This was a fun game for sure, you compete in creating a robot to meet supply and demand. You can have a customer who wishes to have a robot with no head, or arms or have 2 heads and 4 arms, so this game always keeps you busy to create and follow instructions so you can sell your robot you have created. My kids loved this game and have come back to it many times because they enjoy seeing how big they can just get their robot to be.

Cauldron is a board game of competitive alchemy for 2 – 5 players. It’s a potent brew of the things we love most in a game – simple but highly strategic game mechanics, lots of variability, some chance, all presented beautiful artwork. We love the folklore around potion brewing, and our passion shows in the little things that make this game so enjoyable. Please help us make it happen! 

Choose to play as one of seven aspiring brewers, and battle to become the Grand Infusionist.

Every Grand Infusionist takes a different path to victory. Will you grow your magic or spend it? Will your potions prove powerful enough? Can you slow down your enemies with a well-timed spell? 

Simple yet deep - Cauldron is simple enough for new gamers, yet rich enough for seasoned veterans. 

Highly interactive – Ignore your opponents at your peril. To win, you must watch them, anticipate their moves and thwart their plans. 

Exciting and fun – We have play-tested Cauldron for more than a year to ensure that perfect balance that makes a game, above all else, fun to play every time. 

If you enjoy the resource collecting mechanics of Lords of Waterdeep mixed with the wacky take-that of Munchkin - you will love Cauldron. 

This family loves movies like Lord of the Rings, War of Worlds and more, along with games like Risk, Magic, WOW, etc, so Cauldron was right up our alley. Cauldron is a combination of all this things mentioned above, it has the trill of what you watch in the movies, the looks of the games, and the strategy of all. This is a game which keeps you alert and thinking of your next move, it is extremely fun and keeps you entertained for some time. 

You can purchase all these and more amazing fun games from Golden Bell here.

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