Thursday, August 24, 2017

M.A.P. it #Back2School #Shoes

My kids go to a Charter school so they are required to wear uniforms and part of the uniforms is they must wear all black or all white shoes, no decals/brand names on sides, solid black or white! Which finding solid either of those are hard and unless you have a older reasonable child, you are also not gonna purchase white because they will be grey or black anyway within a week or so.

It doesn't leave to much to go on and limits your choices, thankfully M.A.P. came out with some pretty cute shoes for the girls that fit the dress code. The shoe's are called Rona they are all black with a fun floral design around the side of the shoes. They look like a Mary Jane shoe but have a higher rubber sole which covers the bottom and more on the heel. I really like this part about the shoe because I can tell by both look and touch it is a more durable better built shoe. The girls enjoy the Rona because it is cute and easy to get on. You simply loosen the strap on the top of the shoe slide in your foot in and velcro the strap back together and go. The shoe also has two different types of textures of rubber, the one which runs alongside the shoe and higher on the heel is really tough to withstand jumping in puddles, (because we know we can tell them to walk around but come on it's a puddle) then the bottom of the shoe still rough but it has a slip prove grip so while they are jumping in the puddle (which you asked them not to) they won't fall and bust their butt. I know when I visit my kids school they always have the floors so clean that I have caught myself slipping on occasion so it is nice to know my daughters will be safe as well when wearing their M.A.P. Rona shoes.

For my middle child who is also my youngest boy, M.A.P. offers a solid black shoe called the Glen which is a really solid shoe. The shoe is a slip on which my son loves, he has yet to master shoe laces but his feet are starting to get to where velcro will no longer be a option. The Glen was a really wonderful shoe for him because there is nothing, no shoe laces no velcro nothing just a sturdy solid shoe. They remind me of water shoes, but with a classier look to them. They are solid black and have a small slit on either side which make for a easier comfortable way to get your foot into the shoe. Like the Rona the shoe has a thick heavy rubber sole which runs all along the bottom and sides of the shoes. The toe has a little extra rubber because if you have boys you will notice they seem to always blow out shoes in the toes. Who knows why I guess because they drag their feet more? The bottom of the shoes have a bunch of thick ridges for a extra grip for whatever your son may throw at them. Because the shoe is so simple in design, my girls can also enjoy wearing them. The inside of the shoe is lined with a soft padding making a long day at school more comfortable and less painful. He loves his M.A.P. Glen shoes.

You can find the M.A.P. brand of shoes at Macy's, Target and online by visiting check out my other review on some other great shoes by M.A.P. here.

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