Saturday, September 30, 2017

Bakerly Crepes and Breads.....One Word...........YUM!

Trying new things

Like mentioned in other posts I am always on the hunt for new tasty treats in which my family especially my kids will enjoy. I was offered to try out Bakerly products which I had seen in Publix but I just never had grabbed because of being unsure. 

Opening the box 

When I received my package from Bakerly, it was packed with an assortment of crepes, and bread. Right away I noticed that the bread looked especially good, it had a shine to it, because they bake it and butter it up, I couldn't wait to get in and try the new products ( new to our family ) out. My kids right away must have been thinking the same thing about the bread, because before the end of the day they had finished off a whole package. 

The Breads 

The Brioche Rolls are AMAZING, at least this is what my family told me since I never even got one! LOL. They enjoyed them so much they were begging for more. I honestly thought when I pulled out the Brioche Rolls that they were fancy hot dog buns, my kids though did eat a few with their hotdogs. My husband turned his Brioche Rolls into chili dogs, "best he ever had" he said.  The sweetness of the brioche was perfect making them a nice healthy snack on their own.  My favorite thing about them is that they are: authentic french recipe no preservatives no artificial coloring no artificial flavoring no high fructose corn syrup NON-GMO. 

The Sliced Brioche. This is made a grilled cheese you would kill for, over the top wonderful. I did get to enjoy this which honestly after getting a little taste of what I missed out on I didn't wanna share. I sent my kids to school with PBJ made with the Sliced Brioche which they thanked me when they got home.  

The Snacks
Bakerly Crepes. Okay well, I will admit these sat around for a little, because of being really unsure. I have never been a crepe fan and my kids well they have no clue as to what a crepe is so they weren't gonna try unless I did. I finally got around to trying one, the first package I opened was the newest crepe Crunchy Crepes with a Carmel Filling. Wow! I was seriously kicking my self in the butt for being so stubborn. They were wonderful and took me by surprise. Because of my reaction, (we all watch each other when trying new things so we do not get tricked) my kids were all on board for trying. They also now wanted to try the other flavors which were sent, the strawberry and the chocolate filled ones. Bakerly Crepes make the perfect snack for school because they are a healthier option to other snacks. And also individually wrapped that they can go anywhere. I heated up the Crunchy Carmel one, dipped it into maple syrup, you must go out and try this so good. 

Get your own

You can tell we really enjoyed the Bakerly products which were sent for our family to try, now I am ready to go out and find the other tasty products from Bakerly. I see they have an Apricot Sponge Cake, which I personally have never seen anything with Apricot other than jelly/jam so this is more the reason I wanna find it. You can explore all the yummy goodness of Bakerly by visiting

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