Monday, September 4, 2017

Oreo's You cannot go wrong

This family LOVES Oreo's and each month the are always coming out with a new limited edition flavor. So if you love Oreo's you almost are always gonna try the new flavors at least once. 

A few we were able to try recently were the Oreo Mississippi Mud Pie, Waffles & Syrup, and finally Blueberry Pie. Of the 3 my family really liked the Mississippi Mud Pie it tasted like a chocolate mousse cake. The Waffles & Syrup tasted like Golden Grahams Cereal, and the Blueberry Pie well it was good but not to many of us like blueberries so I cannot really say how it was. 

The fun thing about Oreo is that when it comes out with new flavors some you can only find in select stores, I know they had the Mississippi Mud Pie at all the local Dollar General's in the area they even promoted with coupons. I never saw the Waffles & Syrup and I did see the Blueberry Pie at our local Walmart. Now they have Apple Pie which is so good! They taste really great if you heat them up. I am waiting for a Pumpkin Oreo to come out or a Pumpkin Cheesecake would be amazing! Fingers crossed! 

Oreo's are a great cookie and almost everyone loves a good Oreo with so many new exciting flavors coming out you cannot go wrong, and they make them in snack size along with family sizes which are the only ones I purchase other than when trying a new flavor or my personal favorites the Oreo Thins. Next time you think of packing a snack think Oreo :) 

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