Sunday, September 17, 2017

Pistachio + Cranberry Chewy Bites, Yes, Please!

Well if you haven't figured it out already we just went through Hurricane Irma, and well when you go through such a thing, you need to stock up on water and lots of non-perishables. Of course you get a few snacks which will last a little while also which I always look for peanut stuff because it has protein. 

One of the items I was able to enjoy during the storm was the Pistachio + Cranberry Chewy Bites by Setton Farms. I already love Setton Farms pistachios but adding in cranberry yum! My family and I really enjoy trail mixes and this was a great treat for us. The Pistachio + Cranberry Chewy Bites are just that, individually wrapped snack bars and each is the perfect size that your good on one or two for a few hours. It is the perfect combo of sweet and tanging? not sure how to describe a pistachio, but it is a great combo. So good you could even pass them out for Halloween, and give a healthy yummy treat. 

The Setton Farms Pistachio + Cranberry Chewy Bites are great in so many ways, they taste great, they can be carried in kids lunches, purses, pockets, backpacks anything! They are the perfect on the go, or staying at home snack. A healthier option to others. You can see all of Setton Farms products by visiting

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