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Holiday Foods

Peaceful Fruits

As seen on TV's "Shark Tank" Peaceful Fruits are made with love, and ACAI fresh from the rainforest. Instead of sweets that are full of sugar, give everyone you can the gift of Peaceful Fruits. all natural / non-gmo / vegan & paleo friendly no artificial ingredients, flavors, or junk Healthy, delicious, and rainforest-friendly! You can order all the flavors here

Ethel M

Holiday 16pc Classic Tin #EM170188 Their signature Classic Collection is in a festive, collectible tin! this collection includes all the Ethel M favorites, the perfect gift for everyone on your list. including 16 of our original pieces from 1981, including lemon satin creme, milk chocolate peanut butter, chewy caramel, and more!

Holiday Cheer Double Hot Chocolate Tin #EM170193  make Ethel M's famous hot cocoa at home this holiday season! INTRODUCING: for the first time ever, you can now bring Ethel M's world-famous hot cocoa home with you this holiday season. They have taken the hot cocoa that we make at our chocolate factory and packaged it in a festive keepsake tin for your family this winter! each tin creates 10 cups. just scoop our REAL CHOCOLATE shavings into your cup, add milk, heat and serve!

Holiday Stocking Stuffer - DC Espresso #EM170186 Perfect for holiday party snacks and stocking stuffers! six ounces of premium roasted espresso beans wrapped in luscious dark chocolate. You can find these and many more amazing gifts from Ethel M here


I know one thing I enjoy gifting is foods because you have better odds that the person will actually enjoy and use them. The Cholula 5 Flavor Hot Sauce is perfect for you exciting friends. I have gifted this a few times to friends and family who enjoy trying new things. The Cholula 5 Flavor Hot Sauce offers an awaking experience that will enhance the enjoyment of nearly all your favorite dishes. The finely balanced heat and pepper flavor, combined with Cholula's signature seasonings and natural ingredients will give your favorite food a flavorful fire. Give all your recipes a little flavor kick with the Cholula 5 Flavor Hot Sauce Variety Pack. You can purchase by visiting

Pasta Bow Ties

Pasta snack brand Pasta Bow Ties has partnered with everyone’s favorite ugly sweater brand, Tipsy Elves to co-design festive packaging for bestselling Honey Butter, Meatball Parm, Creamy Ranch, and Smooth Cheddar flavors. Launching November 1, the bags are reimagined with your favorite holiday characters such as reindeer, elves, snowmen, and of course, Santa! Naturally, they had to take it a step further and carry these designs onto a limited edition ugly sweater you can wear to your holiday parties. Gently baked as a healthy snack alternative, Pasta Bow Ties are cholesterol-free, and contain 60 percent less fat than potato chips and 20 percent less fat than pita chips. Perfectly crisp, airy and craveable, Pasta Bow Ties are a stylish, fun bowtie-shaped pasta snack that's puffed to perfection and made with all-natural ingredients, non-GMO Project Verified, OUD Kosher certified, and offered in select vegan flavors.

Good Earth

Peppermint Treat: Enjoy a taste of the holidays any time of year with this delightful, whimsical blend. We took peppermint, white chocolate, pink peppercorns and safflower, and coaxed from those flavors the essence of what makes the holidays so warm and inviting. Curl up with a good book and a blanket and let these festive flavors linger on your palate. 

Treat yourself to this silky and luxurious dessert tea where rich cocoa and ripe raspberries mingle with the spicy sweetness of cinnamon and the earthiness of puerh tea. This velvety infusion is deliciously decadent and yours for the taking. You can view all of Good Earth's teas by visiting

Flathau's Fine Foods

At Flathau's Fine Foods, we believe the right blend of high-quality ingredients can create the perfect gourmet snack. Some of these creations are:

Peppermint Snaps:
Sweet and refreshing Peppermint make a favorite. These 4, 6, 8 or 16 ounce boxes are packed full of your choice of flavor cookie and vacuum sealed for maximum freshness in an air tight foil-line pouch.

Key-Lime Snaps:
The essence of key lime, distilled into a shortbread cookie and blanketed in powdery sugar. Once you pick them up, they're hard to put back down. These 4, 6, 8 or 16 ounce boxes are packed full of your choice of flavor cookie and vacuum sealed for maximum freshness in an air tight foil-line pouch.

Cinnamon Snaps:
Sugar and spice! If it's on our Cinnamon Snaps, the cool light taste will keep you saying, "That's nice!" Comes in 4, 6, 8, & 16 ounce box, contains a vacuum sealed bag containing cookies

Butterscotch Snaps:
Savory Butterscotch candied flavor will have you eating the whole box! Other flavors include cinnamon, key lime, raspberry, all natural (plain), and peppermint.

Cheese Straws:
Bite into this traditional Southern favorite blended with a tiny kiss of Chipotle that will keep your taste buds coming back for more. Enjoy these items in a variety of sizes: 4 oz box, 8 oz box, and the 1 pound box. We have won several awards and blown away any competitor with our all natural cheese straws!

Snaps Sample 4-Pack:

THE PERFECT GIFT SNAP PACK - CAN'T CHOOSE? NOW YOU DON'T HAVE TO. We have the perfect gifts for that hard to buy for person that has everything. Take a look! What's even better? No gift wrapping necessary. One of our favorites is the Variety Pack! If you can't decide which flavor, there is always the Snap Pack Gift Set, which contains 4 oz boxes of Peppermint, Raspberry, Butterscotch and Key Lime or others, in an adorable "carry all" with a handle and individually vacuum sealed for maximum freshness in an air tight foil-line pouch. Since we love to eat as much as we love to cook, you can rest assured that only the finest ingredients are used to create our gourmet snacks. They're great for parties, gifts, or just snacking with family and friends. Go ahead, indulge, and remember, we guarantee each and every one of our products. You've got our word on it. Check out the whole world of goodies from Flathau's Fine Foods by visiting

Heritage Distilling

A pre-Christmas gift! How often do you wish there was something as an adult that you could enjoy the holiday just a little more. Heritage Distilling has come out with a Spirits Advent Calendar which is 24 days of mini adult beverages to celebrate the holiday season. The Spirits Advent Calendar includes 11 HDC products in random order. Each day pop open your mini of the day and cheers to a very spirited season. You can purchase this wonderful product here

Red Copper 

Red Copper™ Flipwich™ is the revolutionary stovetop panini and sandwich maker that makes flipping sandwiches easy. Make hot sandwiches in minutes! Flipwich™ has two interlocking grill pans that are coated with a copper infused ceramic surface. The lightweight, non-stick pan creates a twin sealed environment for cooking your sandwich. This makes cooking times so much faster. Aluminum induction plates rapidly distribute heat evenly. Flipping your sandwich in a frying pan is messy. Red Copper™ Flipwich™ allows you to flip your sandwich in a single step. Grill a variety of foods like gooey grilled cheese, stuffed French toast, indoor smores, pudgy pies, and waffle and bagel sandwiches. You can even use Flipwich™ for grilling burgers, sizzling warps, and perfecting your Panini. Create fliptastic sandwiches using Red Copper™ Flipwich™ sandwich maker. - See more at 

Khortytsa Vodka

Ukraine’s famed Khortytsa (Hor-Ti-Tsa) Vodka (or KHOR for short) is the world’s third-largest selling vodka! The Khortytsa Distillery is located near Khortytsa Island, known as the "heart of Ukraine." This ancient island’s history dates back thousands of years and reaches the roots of civilization. It is considered a sacred place in Ukraine and is one of the country’s seven wonders. Built in 2003, it uses a local organic filter containing schungite (a unique natural mineral) which allows it to get as close as possible to the structure of natural water. The filtration process is further enhanced with special birch and alder-tree charcoal and quartz sand sourced near the famous Ural Mountains. 


Krusteaz is a well-known brand for its mixes. For the holidays you can bake something up and give it as a gift. You can bring the family together by cooking them a lovely breakfast with Krusteaz Pancake mix, Waffle mix, or Muffin mix. For your holiday dinner, you can enjoy Krusteaz Cornbread mixes. My personal favorite is having my kids help me make Krusteaz Cookie mixes, there are so many to choose from so all my kids are satisfied. No matter what the occasion Krusteaz has a mix for you. You can find them in your local grocery you can also see all Krusteaz has to offer by visiting

The Gluten Free Bar

What’s better than delicious (and healthy) snacking on-the-go? The Gluten Free Bar (GFB), a leading brand for fun and flavorful gluten-free snacks, is paving the way in growing the gluten-free “cluster” category with its new line of GFB Bites. Sure to excite you and your taste buds and available in six different flavors, including Dark Chocolate Coconut, Coconut Cashew Crunch, Chocolate Cherry Almond, PB+J, Dark Chocolate Hazelnut, and Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, the Bites are available on shelves at club, grocery, mass merchandise, natural foods and supermarket stores nationwide.

LEAF Vodka

LEAF believes vodka’s main ingredient, water, is what truly defines the spirit. LEAF Vodka is sourced from unique waters here in the USA. One variety is made from Alaskan Glacial water, which lends a pure, smooth taste with a hint of sweetness. The other, made from Rocky Mountain mineral water, provides richness and complexity, offering a warm and savory impression. The water sources give LEAF Vodkas their signature tastes.


This year give a gift that will be appreciated all year long, the gift of better health. An all natural way to get a better and deeper night's sleep along with faster muscle recovery. Cheribundi tart cherry juice makes these gifts possible with the Cheribundi Sleep Better subscription. Monthly subscription 8oz. bottles 36 bottles for $72 All natural health solution to better sleep!

Tart cherries aren’t just great for you, they taste great, too! As you take each delicious sip, savor the fact that our juicing process retains as much of this super fruit’s natural goodness as possible, so you’ll enjoy its health-promoting benefits from your taste buds all the way down to your toes. Why do the pros use it? Over 175 professional and college teams use Cheribundi! Tart cherry juice can help athletes reduce inflammation and recover faster, and it’s a thrill for us to help people who truly need trusted sources. When an athlete’s intake isn’t delivering, it shows, and our tart cherry juice helps them perform at their best. You can purchase Cheribundi products like this one by visiting

When it comes to the holidays what better way to say Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays other than with a lovely gift basket from Here are a few wonderful options of many more they have to offer. 

For the beer lovers in your life – and I’m sure you know a ton – this is the absolute perfect gift for any occasion! Our Microbrew Beer Bucket Gift Basket comes with six different Microbrew Beers, in addition to a ton of delicious snacks! You’ve got your choice of Samuel Adams Seasonal, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Magic Hat #9, Shed Mountain Brown Ale, Redhook, and Smuttynose Old Brown Dog to wash down any combination of Chichester Snack Mix, two flavors of our gourmet popcorn, Peppered Beef Jerky and so much more!
If you think they like chocolate now, just wait until after they’ve tried this delicious sampler. Made up of Turtle, Triple Chocolate, Chocolate Swirl, and Chocolate Raspberry, this delectable assortment makes chocolate taste better than ever before.


Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir Holiday Gift Sets are inspired by a pursuit of classic varietal flavors. For HALL, known for producing big, bold Cabernet, the sets are all about quintessential Napa Valley Cabernet. The WALT Pinot Noir brand focuses on wines of a place, with fruit sourced from up and down the California Coast. WALT Single Vineyard Pinot Noir wines allow pinot files to be introduced to vineyards that span 1,000 miles as far South as Santa Barbara, all the way up to Willamette Valley in Oregon.The gift sets are perfect for the novice wine drinker to the ultimate Cabernet and Pinot collector. One stand-out set includes flagship wines from both HALL & WALT in the Heritage Set. The 2014 Kathryn Hall Cabernet exudes warmth and allure with enticing aromas of sweet dark plum, cocoa powder, and dusty earth. This wine is paired with 2015 Bob’s Ranch Pinot Noir for the set, a single vineyard Pinot Noir that showcases Wild blueberry nuances, crushed rock, and hints of truffle to create this firm, spicy oak structure and focused palate. The 2017 HALL & WALT Gift Guide aim to beckon celebrations, inspire lasting relationships and forge special memories. Sets will be available for purchase at both and

Ferris Coffee and Nut 

Guatemala San Sebastian:

The Falla family of the San Sebastian farm in Antigua are known for their extreme attention to detail. Their coffees are evidence of that care, and we are proud to represent their family here at Ferris with this coffee. Utilizing the Slodry process draws out the sweetness and body in the coffee while also extending its green life. As a bourbon varietal from Guatemala, you’ll also find a gentle malic acidity, like in a red apple. This Tier 3 coffee carries a great chocolate character along with a heavy body with lingering sweetness. 

Costa Rica Sumava:
Finca Sumava de Lourdes in the West Valley region of Costa Rica is one of the most picturesque farms in the country. It is owned by our friend Francisco Mena, who we’ve worked with for a couple of years now. Francisco won 1st place in the 2016 Cup of Excellence competition in Costa Rica for one of the lots on Sumava! Our lot is a natural processed Caturra varietal, and it is probably the cleanest natural I’ve cupped. This coffee has some intensely sweet honey character along with notes of cocoa nib and dried fruits.

These are just a few of the wonderful collection of Ferris Coffee, which you can purchase by visiting them at

Graeter's Ice Cream 

Graeter’s Ice Cream is a nationally recognized and awarded ice cream brand that was founded over 146 years ago in Cincinnati, OH. The fourth-generation family owned and operated company has perfected the art of using the French Pot, a traditional, small batch artisanal process of making ice cream. Known for their indulgent, premium flavors and ingredients, they’re also widely recognized for their gargantuan gourmet chocolate chips. With so many amazing flavors to choose from it's hard to decide! I think some of my absolute favorites are: Bourbon Pecan Chocolate Chip Coconut Chocolate Chip Madagascar Vanilla Bean Bananas Foster Gelato.

You can purchase Graeter's Ice Cream at your local Walmart and at their website here.

Everclear Vodka 

Homemade holiday liqueur. Pomegranate Green Tea Liqueur brings together the sweet taste of pomegranate and tea with Everclear ensuring holiday cheer is never in short supply. Combine with simple syrup and water, and within two hours it’ll be ready to bottle and enjoy with Holiday Road Punch (recipe below) or gifted in a mason jar with festive ribbons and labels.

POMEGRANATE GREEN TEA LIQUEUR Ingredients: 8 Pomegranate green tea bags 6 oz. Everclear® 7 oz. Filtered water 13 oz. White simple syrup Instructions: 1. Combine tea bags, Everclear® and water in a sealable container. 2. Steep 2 hours. 3. Remove tea bags and add simple syrup. Mix thoroughly. 4. Bottle and enjoy. 

HOLIDAY ROAD PUNCH Ingredients: 15 oz. Pomegranate Green Tea Liqueur 5 oz. Vodka 5 oz. White rum 10 oz. Lime juice 10 oz. Champagne Instructions: 1. Combine all ingredients except champagne in a pitcher or punch bowl. 2. Mix and chill in refrigerator 8 hours or more (overnight works best). 3. Just before serving, add chilled champagne and stir carefully. 4. Add ice, along with 10 lime wheels. 5. Serve in punch glasses, ice optional. 6. Garnish with lime wheel (also optional).

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