Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Dinotrux SuperCharged Season 2! This Friday!!!

Just in time! Season 2 of Dinotrux SuperCharged returns to Netflix this Friday the 23rd with all new fun adventures. My kids and I love this show, I personally love it because it has a good story, the characters are fun and inventive and who doesn't love a dinosaur. My kids enjoy because of the crazy characters which are always having them laugh.

Roar into new larger-than-life adventures with your favorite supercharged Trux in all-new episodes of DreamWorks Dinotrux Supercharged! The Dinotrux find a new source of superchargers and suit up Dozer with upgrades, while Ton Ton tricks out in supercharge to participate in the "Doom Run" ore race. Ty and the gang also meet new Trux in the Crater like Goldtrux, Liftasaurs, naughty Speed Demons, Liftasaurs, and even D-Struct's meaner older brother! Level-up with the new supercharged builds, only on Netflix March 23rd!

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