Sunday, March 25, 2018

New VR Ride at Legoland FL

So lately the new trend has been adding VR ( virtual reality ) to rollercoasters. I honestly had no interest in trying out VR until I got a media invite for the all-new grand opening of The Great Lego Race which was Project X if you have visited Legoland, FL in the past.

SO what is really the best about the VR is that kids ages 6 and 48 inches can actually do the VR as well! It is a ride which relates to the child in us. One thing I LOVE about Legoland, in general, is that they have things for the kids to do while waiting in line because as you may know sometimes the line waits can reach 2 hours or more! That's a long time for an adult to stand in place let alone a child. The Great Lego Race is no different, there are 4 walls which children (and adults) can build whatever they wish or follow the color-coded person and car to create the background, along with the walls the side walls have fun buttons to press which make fun sound effects.

The walls are covered with the 5 teams in which you will race against the Pirate, Wizard, Surfers, Trendy and Pharaoh. The kids were all excited to see that the VR headset was really a phone, attached to the huge Lego eye headset. When you get on the ride they instruct you on how to adjusted and secure your headset. The back is a simple twist knob in which you can make looser or tighter on your head, then at the top on the front of the headset is a knob to adjust the vision because well some of us "older folk" cannot see as well.

This again was my first time using a VR headset while on a rollercoaster and it was for sure nothing in which I was expecting. I love also that you are allowed to remove the headset while on the ride if you do not feel well aka motion sickness, simply place the headset in lap and enjoy the rest of the coaster. Okay so back to the ride itself, I had been on it when it was Project X which was a twisty turning rollercoaster that went pretty high as well. The cool part about now having a VR headset was that you didn't realize the height or the twist or even the falls didn't seem that intense. This is great! It is the perfect beginner coaster to start any child or even adult who has never been on one before. It is great for those who hate heights because you could be 100's of feet up in the air and never know it. After all, was said and done I thought it was a great experience of being in a simulator but more on a personal level.

Here is a "wonderful" LOL video of me, (yeah I tried really hard to get the kids to take the front row but my son chickened out) in the front row riding the all-new The Great Lego Race at Legoland FL.

So if you watched the video you will see I am laughing the whole time, it is truly a fun ride that everyone should be checking out. I would say it is now my 2nd favorite ride in the park, sorry but the Pretty Ponies in Heartland is the best, watching it you would never know how powerful the ponies are :) the and best part the ride holds 40! But back to the all-new The Great Lego Race, it is really something the whole family can enjoy, each car holds 4 people, which you can purchase your picture at the end of the ride like below.

Check out Legoland FL and The Great Lego Race today!

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