Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Itty Bitty Prettys Tea Cup Surprise

During this time the covid has our children stuck inside with not much to do. We can no longer enjoy parks and even video games are slowing burning out which means its back to the simple things in life, that in which they use their imagination.

I know when I was younger and being an only child I often used my imagination and one of the few things I would love to play is nursery and then tea parties, with all my plush and dolls. So, how great is it that someone out there, Zuru decided, hey why not the best of the past and present by making a blind bag tea cup doll.

Introducing the  Itty Bitty Prettys Tea Cup Surprise. You can already purchase the Itty Bitty Prettys at but now you get the best of both worlds in a Giant Surprise Tea Cup. This is a tea cup full of fun surprised and best of all everything you need for a complete tea party!

It gets better! On August 8th your invited to join in on the fun on Youtube, just search Itty Bitty Prettys or you can visit

The Itty Bitty Prettys range includes thirteen stylish Itty Bittys, plus one super rare Royal Tea
doll, each touting a distinct, modern party-prowess bring the latest fashion and swapability factor
to the par-tea. A complete party-in-a-cup, Itty Bitty Prettys Tea Party Surprise includes surprise
magic tea bags and fizzing sugar cubes that, when mixed with water reveal jewelry, accessories
and other surprise necessities to help dress and style an Itty Bitty Prettys dolls and host a party!
The layers of fun also include compounds that allow for molding and making treats, working
teacups and saucers, and more.

The Itty Bitty Prettys Giant Teacup Playset includes everything one needs to host the most epic
tea party. Available in two surprise friendship themes each with two dolls, the respective
themed playset features more than 25 surprises including a convertible table, spoon, working
teacup and teapot, stylish accessories including shoes and jewelry, two Itty Bitty pets,
dissolvable tea bags, fizzing ‘sugar’ cubes and more. Four dolls plus a rare Itty bitty Pretty can
be found in the The Giant Teacup Playset. Designed for ages 4+, Itty Bitty Pretty Little Tea
Cups will be available for $29.99

Itty Bitty Prettys Little Tea Cup features 12 surprises and eight fabulous dolls to collect. The
Little Tea Cup includes a working teacup, a saucer that also serves as a doll stand, an Itty
Pretty doll, a swapable doll outfit and a set of stylish accessories including shoes, jewelry,
eyewear and more. Additional tea party must-haves include a magic teaba, fizzing cube, cotton
candy dough and more. Designed for ages 4+, Itty Bitty Prettys Little Tea Cups will be
available for $9.99

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